“VeryDarkMan agrees to Niki Tall’s challenge for a boxing match in Canada and requests assistance with obtaining a Canadian visa.”

“VeryDarkMan agrees to Niki Tall’s challenge for a boxing match in Canada and requests assistance with obtaining a Canadian visa.”

The Challenge Issued

VeryDarkMan, an online personality, found himself at the center of a challenge thrown by Niki Tall, a multifaceted artist with prowess in Afrobeats, DJing, instrumentation, and music production.

In a viral video, Niki Tall extended an invitation to engage in a physical showdown, while also pushing for a rematch between Portable, a Nigerian singer, and Charles Okocha in a celebrity boxing bout.

VeryDarkMan’s Response

Almost immediately after being challenged, VeryDarkMan didn’t leave the challenge unanswered. Through his own video, he swiftly responded, expressing his willingness to step into the ring for the proposed celebrity boxing match.

However, his acceptance came with a condition – he sought a Canadian visa to facilitate his travel and participation, suggesting a wrestling match against Niki Tall.

Social Media’s Reaction

This exchange between VeryDarkMan and Niki Tall triggered a flurry of reactions across social media platforms. Users flocked to the comments section, sharing their thoughts on this unexpected turn of events.

  • @EmmanuelJo9255 empathized with VeryDarkMan, suggesting that even if he’s not a professional boxer, participating could still be a win-win situation, advising assurance of the visa beforehand.
  • @Alankay87 humorously highlighted a potential trend of everyday individuals desiring to step into the boxing ring, drawing parallels to their aspirations and the big leagues.
  • @Excel8965 chimed in with support, urging for increased compensation while advocating for the fight to be held in Nigeria.
  • @oloriebizak speculated on Niki Tall’s motives, insinuating that the challenge might be more about promoting his music rather than engaging in genuine competition.
  • @kelvindwoski1 questioned the monetary value of the challenge, wondering if the offered amount was in Nigerian Naira or Canadian dollars, suggesting that the former might not be substantial enough, employing a touch of sarcasm.

The Buzz on Social Media

This unfolding saga quickly garnered attention, with the debate, speculation, and jesting surrounding VeryDarkMan’s response and the proposed match flooding various social media feeds.

The community appeared divided in their opinions, contemplating the motives behind the challenge and the logistics of the potential showdown, turning what began as a call-out into a widely discussed topic online.

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