Niki Tall denies VeryDarkMan’s Canadian visa request, saying, “No, you’ll stumble”

Niki Tall’s Confrontation and Response

A recent video surfaced featuring Niki Tall, an artist and DJ of Greek-German heritage, engaged in a conflict with VeryDarkMan, who threatened him with physical harm.

The altercation escalated after VeryDarkMan’s threat to slap Niki Tall.

Accusations and Response

In his response, Niki Tall addressed VeryDarkMan’s plea for a Canadian visa, suggesting it was an attempt to depart Nigeria.

He accused VeryDarkMan of evading a confrontation by making unreasonable demands and attempting to avoid facing the situation directly.

Proposed Resolution and Accusations

Niki Tall proposed settling the conflict in Nigeria, where he claimed to have a visa, simplifying the process.

He organized the fight to take place at the Teslim Balogun Stadium in Lagos after discussions with multiple parties.

Furthermore, Niki accused VeryDarkMan of violating their agreement by resorting to threats of physical violence.

Warning and Social Media Reaction

Amidst the escalating tension, Niki Tall warned that any attempt by VeryDarkMan to act on his threat would be met with retaliation, vowing to respond by physically engaging him.

This response to VeryDarkMan’s video, wherein he requested a Canadian visa and funds, ignited significant attention on social media, with numerous individuals chiming in on the situation.

Social Media Commentary

Comments flooded various platforms, with users expressing divergent opinions on the conflict and the manner in which both parties were handling it.

Some praised Niki Tall’s stance and strategic planning for the confrontation, while others highlighted different perspectives and made remarks about the ongoing dispute.

Diverse Social Media Responses

The online discourse varied, with users highlighting VeryDarkMan’s statements from previous videos and praising or critiquing the strategies employed by both figures.

Additionally, commentary ranged from admiration for Niki Tall’s approach to critiques of VeryDarkMan’s actions and intentions, shaping a multifaceted narrative on social media platforms.

Continued Engagement and Teasing

The engagement between the two figures continued on social media, as evidenced by Niki Tall’s post teasing VeryDarkMan and implying an upcoming confrontation, further fueling the online chatter and speculation surrounding their conflict.

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