Vernon Kay Completes Emotional Ultramarathon, Raising Over £4 Million for Children In Need

Vernon Kay Completes Emotional Ultramarathon, Raising Over £4 Million for Children In Need

Vernon Kay, the TV presenter, completed an emotionally charged final day of his 115-mile Ultramarathon challenge, raising an impressive £4 million for Children In Need.

The touching conclusion took place at Toughsheet Community Stadium in Bolton, where Vernon’s parents warmly embraced him amid cheers from the crowd.

Emotional Reunion at the Finish Line:

Vernon, visibly moved, wiped away tears as he entered the stadium, capturing the moment for Zoe Ball’s BBC radio show.

The heartwarming reunion with his parents, Gladys and Norman, was documented on Instagram, with Tess, Vernon’s wife, expressing her sentiments and urging his mother to give him a massive squeeze.

Triumphant Fundraising Total Revealed:

An Instagram clip unveiled the remarkable moment when Vernon discovered that his efforts had raised an astounding £4,014,362 for Children In Need.

Surrounded by cheerleaders, the atmosphere at the Toughsheet Stadium celebrated his triumphant return.

Tess’s Emotional Message and Pride:

Tess, unable to be at the finish line due to commitments, shared an emotional message on Instagram, expressing pride in Vernon’s achievement.

Despite physical toll evident in his body, she commended the generosity of donors, emphasizing the incredible total of over £3 million raised for Children In Need.

Challenges and Struggles Along the Way:

Throughout his Ultramarathon, Vernon faced challenges, physically and emotionally.

The text recounts his grueling journey through various locations, including Manchester and Bolton.

It highlights moments of struggle, such as the difficulty walking over Kinder Scout and the toll it took on his energy and well-being.

Vernon’s Determination and Call for Support:

Despite expressing moments of exhaustion and physical strain, Vernon’s determination shone through.

He encouraged everyone to contribute, emphasizing that even a small donation could make a significant impact for Children In Need.

The narrative captures his spirit and the overwhelming support he received from fans and well-wishers.


Vernon Kay’s Ultramarathon not only showcased his resilience but also united communities in support of a crucial cause.

The outpouring of generosity, emotional reunions, and the substantial funds raised underscore the power of collective effort in making a meaningful difference for Children In Need.

As Vernon reflects on his challenging yet impactful journey, the enduring spirit of giving shines brightly.