Listeners Applaud Vernon Kay’s Debut on Radio 2 Mid-Morning Slot

Listeners Applaud Vernon Kay’s Debut on Radio 2 Mid-Morning Slot

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Vernon Kay Receives Positive Feedback as He Takes Over BBC Radio 2 Mid-Morning Show


BBC Radio 2 listeners have praised Vernon Kay’s first show as he takes on the mid-morning weekday slot, succeeding veteran host Ken Bruce.

Kay, a broadcaster from Bolton, promised that his show would not be focused solely on London and received mostly positive reactions from listeners on Twitter.

Many described him as a “worthy successor” and commended his performance so far.

Kay kicked off his debut show with U2’s “Beautiful Day,” which was well-received by his daughters.

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While there were a few negative comments, overall, Kay’s opening was met with enthusiasm.

Kay’s Introduction and Assurances for Listeners


At the start of his first show, Kay expressed his excitement, saying, “Right then, here we go – the adventure, let it begin.

Good morning, everyone. Welcome.

Welcome on board. Let’s do this!”

He introduced U2’s “Beautiful Day” as his first song, stating that his daughters had endorsed it as a classic.

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Kay assured listeners that his program would not be London-centric, emphasizing that it is for them and aims to reflect what is happening in their world.

Reception and Expectations

Twitter users praised Kay’s performance, with many considering him a natural fit for the mid-morning slot on Radio 2.

The reaction on social media was generally positive, with comments ranging from calling him a “worthy successor” to describing his show as “fab so far.”


Some listeners appreciated the song choices and felt that Kay was exactly what Radio 2 needed.

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However, a few dissenting opinions were also expressed, with some comparing him unfavorably to Ken Bruce.

Despite the mixed feedback, Kay’s first show was largely well-received.

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