Verástegui declares to run for president of Mexican Republic

“We notice it.

We have two applicants who are identical to one another despite dressing differently, eating differently, and possibly being of a different age.

Is that the adversary? Verástegui added, “We cannot allow ourselves to be used as a pawn.

Verástegui declared on X on September 7: “It’s a fact.

The time has come.

I just registered with the INE my intention to run as an independent for president of the Mexican Republic in the elections scheduled for June 2, 2024, after carefully considering my options.

“I am fighting for my life.

My battle is for liberation.

It’s time to oust the same old ruling class.

To end corruption and impunity, our nation needs to adopt a new approach to politics.

Mexico can yet be saved if time permits! We should use every resource we have to advance for our Mexico, he said.

Through his Viva México Movement, Verástegui has recently urged Mexicans to support his cause through his official website.

Former state representative from Nuevo León and pro-life and pro-family politician Juan Carlos Leal declared support for Verástegui’s run.

“We are ecstatic about Eduardo’s decision to run for president of the country at this particular time.

I think he has the backing of millions of Mexicans who respect life, family, and fundamental liberties, not just hundreds or thousands,” Leal said in a statement to ACI Prensa.