US Climber Jonathan Sugarman Dies on Mount Everest, Fourth Fatality This Season

US Climber Jonathan Sugarman Dies on Mount Everest, Fourth Fatality This Season

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Jonathan Sugarman, a 69-year-old man from the United States, has reportedly died after falling ill while climbing Mount Everest on 1 May.


Sugarman was part of an expedition arranged by International Mountain Guides (IMG) based in Washington state.

IMG CEO Eric Simonson confirmed that the death was not the result of a climbing accident or a route condition that would have posed a safety concern for any other teams on the mountain.

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Sugarman was a clinical faculty member and renowned for his work in Native American healthcare and international health.

This was not Sugarman’s first attempt to climb the mountain.

According to People, the Seattle-based Harvard University graduate abandoned a separate climb at Camp III in 2022.

Unfortunately, Sugarman is the fourth person to have died on Mount Everest this season.

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It is a tragic reminder of the risks associated with high-altitude mountaineering.

Mount Everest has long been a sought-after destination for climbers, but it is also known for its extreme weather conditions and high fatality rate.

In recent years, the number of climbers attempting to summit the mountain has increased, putting a strain on its resources and increasing the risks.

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The Nepalese government has introduced new regulations in an attempt to address these issues, including requiring climbers to prove their experience and fitness levels before obtaining a permit.

However, accidents and deaths still occur, highlighting the inherent dangers of climbing Mount Everest.


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