Khloe Claps Back at Fans Over N500K Braids Controversy

Reality TV star Khloe has found herself in a social media storm after revealing the cost of her braids, sparking disbelief and accusations of dishonesty among some fans.

The BBNaija alum took to Snapchat to share the stunning braids, which she claimed were arranged on short notice, costing a whopping $500. In response, fans expressed skepticism, prompting Khloe to address the controversy and provide context.

Snapchat Revelation: Khloe’s Expensive Braids Stir Up Controversy

Khloe, known for her unapologetic and bold personality, shared her new braids on Snapchat, casually mentioning the cost of the impromptu hair service in the U.S. at $500, equivalent to approximately N500K.

The revelation led to a wave of disbelief and accusations from some followers who questioned the authenticity of the price tag.

Khloe Claps Back: Defending the Cost and Quality

Unfazed by the skepticism, Khloe took to social media to address the controversy and defend the cost of her braids.

She emphasized that the price was not exaggerated, comparing it to other brands that cost as low as N10K. Khloe highlighted the use of human hair and the skill of the braider as contributing factors to the overall cost.

Message to Critics: Upgrade Mentality or Work Harder

In her response, Khloe expressed frustration with those questioning the price, urging them to upgrade their mentality or work harder. She emphasized that she doesn’t use cheaper alternatives like expression hair, ensuring the quality and durability of her braids.

Khloe concluded her clap back by stating that she doesn’t interfere in others’ business and expects the same courtesy.

Fan Reactions: Diverse Opinions on Khloe’s Expensive Braids

The controversy triggered a range of reactions from fans. Some defended Khloe, stating that using expression hair is a personal choice and not a sign of dishonesty.

Others urged understanding, emphasizing that different people have varying preferences and budgets for their hairstyles.