Unusual Partnership: Josie Gibson and Alison Hammond Co-Host ITV’s This Morning

Unusual Partnership: Josie Gibson and Alison Hammond Co-Host ITV’s This Morning

In a surprising twist, viewers tuning into the August 11th edition of ITV’s popular show, This Morning, were met with an unexpected pairing of hosts.


The show, which typically features Josie Gibson and fan-favorite presenter Craig Doyle from Monday to Thursday, took a different turn for its last episode of the week.

This change in dynamic came about due to a sudden alteration in holiday plans for one of the presenters.

The Lead-up to the Unconventional Team-up

On the preceding day, August 10th, Craig Doyle, a familiar face on This Morning since 2021, made an announcement that he would be taking a break from the show for a well-deserved vacation.

Bid farewell by the audience, the 52-year-old presenter expressed his excitement, exclaiming, “I’m a bit giddy, holidays are tomorrow. Gone.”


This vacation plan of Craig’s set the stage for an unusual pairing on the show’s following episode.

The Twist in the Tale

With Craig’s holiday plans in motion, Josie Gibson was scheduled to be accompanied by a new co-host for the Friday episode.

This deviation from the norm gave rise to curiosity among the show’s audience.

This left many wondering who the replacement co-host would be, sparking discussions and speculations among the show’s loyal followers.

The Dynamic Duo Emerges


As the show commenced, viewers were greeted by a lively performance from a Tina Turner tribute act.

Following this, Josie Gibson took the stage alongside Alison Hammond, the stand-in co-host for the day.

Their camaraderie was palpable, and their chemistry quickly captured the attention of the audience.

The surprise co-host, Alison Hammond, had changed her original holiday plans in order to be on the show, a decision driven by both her dedication to the viewers and her partnership with Josie.

The Exchange that Warmed Hearts

During their on-air interaction, Josie Gibson expressed her gratitude to Alison for being present despite originally planning to be on holiday.

Alison responded warmly, revealing that her decision to alter her holiday plans was motivated by her commitment to Josie and the show’s viewers.


The exchange between the two presenters showcased their genuine camaraderie and commitment to delivering an engaging episode.

Audience Approval and Speculations

The collaboration between Josie and Alison garnered significant approval from the viewers.

Social media buzzed with positive comments, with one individual describing them as the “dream team.”

Another viewer expressed a preference for this unconventional pairing, suggesting that either Josie and Alison or Alison and Dermot would make for a perfect permanent team, commending their entertaining and drama-free dynamic.

Awaiting the Return of the Main Host

Josie and Alison, while stepping in for the main host Holly Willoughby, who was on her annual summer break, managed to capture the hearts of the audience with their unexpected partnership.


As the show continued to air on weekdays from 10am on ITV1 and ITVX, viewers eagerly anticipated the return of Holly Willoughby, who was slated to make her comeback to the show in early September.

In Conclusion

The August 11th episode of ITV’s This Morning showcased an unusual yet heartwarming collaboration between Josie Gibson and Alison Hammond.

A departure from the norm, this atypical pairing provided a fresh and entertaining experience for the show’s audience, while also highlighting the dedication of the presenters to their viewers.

As the show looked forward to Holly Willoughby’s return, Josie and Alison’s partnership left a positive and memorable impact on the show’s history.

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