Underworld Takedown: Scarface-Inspired Albanian Drug Gang Dismantled

Operation Dismantle: Albanian Drug Gang Inspired by ‘Scarface’ Brought to Justice

In a meticulously coordinated series of raids across the capital, law enforcement successfully took down an Albanian County Lines drugs gang with a penchant for the iconic movie character, Scarface, portrayed by Al Pacino.

The gang, led by brothers Edmund and Edward Haziri, ran an illicit operation known as the ‘Eddie line,’ funneling £1.1 million worth of cocaine into towns across Staffordshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire.

Unveiling the Investigation: A Year-Long Pursuit

The organized crime group (OCG) came under police scrutiny following a sharp-eyed Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) in Swadlincote, Derbyshire.

Detecting suspicious activity in a quiet market town, the PCSO triggered a year-long investigation that eventually unraveled the extensive drug network.

London Connection and Key Players:

The Haziri brothers, operating out of London, were the masterminds behind the ‘Eddie line.’

The middle-man, Gazmend Hoxha, residing in Leicester, played a crucial role in transporting cash from drug sales to London and bringing back fresh cocaine batches.

The gang’s network extended its tentacles across multiple counties, leaving a trail of illegal drug distribution.

The Scarface-themed gang’s operations revealed a distinctive criminal flair, capturing attention not only for their illegal activities but also for their idolization of the iconic movie character.

The subsequent arrests and convictions underscore the collaborative efforts of law enforcement in dismantling a significant drug syndicate.

Evidence Uncovered: A Discarded iPhone and Surveillance Footage

A breakthrough in the investigation occurred when a sniffer dog discovered an iPhone tossed out during a raid on gang member Alban Krasniqi’s property.

Limited attempts to enter the correct passcode were available, leading detectives to meticulously review hours of surveillance footage.

The discarded phone, believed to be the ‘Eddie line,’ eventually revealed a treasure trove of incriminating evidence, including drug orders, drop locations, and contacts.

Conviction and Sentencing: 71 Years Behind Bars

The gang, convicted of conspiring to supply cocaine, faced justice at Derby Crown Court, collectively receiving a staggering total of 71 years and seven months behind bars.

The sentences reflect the severity of their crimes and the substantial impact their drug trade had on communities in the Midlands.

Detective Inspector Kane Martin, who spearheaded the investigation, emphasized the destructive consequences of the gang’s actions on communities.

The sentencing serves as a stern warning to those involved in drug dealing, reinforcing the commitment of law enforcement to apprehend perpetrators and curb the spread of misery and addiction.

Conclusion: A Clear Message Against Drug Dealing

As the final member of the gang, Daniel Stavrat, awaits sentencing, the successful dismantling of the ‘Eddie line’ sends a clear message to anyone engaged in drug-related activities: law enforcement will relentlessly pursue, prosecute, and halt those contributing to the detriment of society.

The Scarface-inspired drug gang’s downfall stands as a testament to the determination to protect communities from the corrosive effects of illicit substances.

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