Lost in the Underworld: US Tourist’s Struggle in Pattaya’s Sewers

Lost in the Underworld: US Tourist’s Struggle in Pattaya’s Sewers

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Tourist Rescued from Sewers in Thailand’s Sin City


A US tourist was rescued from the sewers in Pattaya, Thailand’s infamous Sin City, after he accidentally fell down an open manhole while returning to his hotel.

Johnathan Vaimaona, 36, found himself wandering through the underground sewage system for what he described as days until he heard voices coming from a storm drain.

Harrowing Experience and Dramatic Rescue

Vaimaona, a Hawaiian visitor, attracted the attention of residents who heard his cries for help.

Rescuers swiftly responded and lifted the drain grates to pull him out of the 10-foot hole.

In a video captured after the rescue, Vaimaona can be seen shirtless, covered in filth, and visibly shaken as he drinks a soda and speaks to reporters.


Lost and Disoriented in the Sewers

Recounting his ordeal, Vaimaona expressed confusion about his location and the passage of time.

He recalled falling into the hole while returning to his hotel on May 12.

Unable to climb out, he desperately screamed for assistance but received no response.

With no other options, he navigated the underground sewage system in search of help until he finally heard voices emanating from a storm drain that provided some light.

Rescuer’s Account and Recovery

Chalee Boonsri, a security officer, was the first to hear Vaimaona’s cries.

He noticed a man peering at him from the drain and immediately alerted the rescue team.


They successfully extracted Vaimaona from the sewer, and he was visibly exhausted and covered in sludge.

Rescue workers provided him with water, hosed him down, and police later questioned him about the incident.

Uncertain Details and Ongoing Investigation

During the investigation, police noted inconsistencies in Vaimaona’s statements.

He seemed confused and claimed to be the “head of athletes from Cambodia” while speaking in a puzzling manner.

Authorities vowed to conduct a more thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding his fall into the sewer.

Pattaya’s Reputation and Challenges

Pattaya, known for its hedonistic nightlife, has long struggled with its reputation as a sex capital and a place of widespread corruption.


While the current Thai government has made efforts to clean up the city, the sex industry and endemic corruption continue to pose challenges.

Pattaya has also become a popular retirement destination for British expatriates, drawn to its sunny beaches and relaxed atmosphere.


This story highlights the dramatic and harrowing experience of a tourist who fell into the sewers of Pattaya, Thailand.

The account of Johnathan Vaimaona’s days spent wandering through the underground sewage system is both shocking and concerning.

It also sheds light on the ongoing issues faced by Pattaya, a city known for its nightlife and reputation as a sex capital.

The rescue operation demonstrates the swift response and collaborative efforts of both residents and authorities.

The discrepancies in Vaimaona’s statements raise questions about the incident, warranting further investigation by the police.


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