Unbelievable Discount: TK Maxx Shopper Scores £335 Marc Jacobs Bag for £75

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. TK Maxx Shopper Finds Designer Handbag at Unbelievable Discount


A TK Maxx customer recently had an astonishing discovery when she stumbled upon a designer handbag worth over £330 on sale at a significantly lower price.

TK Maxx is renowned for offering discounts on genuine designer items, making it a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts and bargain hunters.

In this particular case, the shopper couldn’t believe her luck when she spotted a Marc Jacobs Purple Snapshot Teddy Bag priced at just a fraction of its usual cost.

Marc Jacobs is a highly popular designer brand known for its stylish interpretations of contemporary trends.

Typically, most Marc Jacobs bags come with a price tag in the hundreds of pounds range.

However, Adrienne Amelia, a TikToker and TK Maxx enthusiast, managed to acquire one for less than £80.


Adrienne shared her exciting find on TikTok, showcasing the high-end bag that was marked down by £260 compared to its regular retail price at stores like Selfridges, Flannels, and Harvey Nichols.

In her caption, she expressed her excitement, stating, “An absolute STEAL.

These bags are normally over £300 but it was reduced to £75 #bargain.”

The TikTok video highlighted the plush purple cross-over bag, complete with what appeared to be genuine Marc Jacobs tags still attached.

The clip zoomed in on the price tag, revealing that the bag was priced at £226 in TK Maxx.

Comparatively, the bag’s recommended retail price (RRP) stood at £335.

The purple Marc Jacobs teddy bag features a slouchy, boxy structure made from luxurious faux shearling.

It boasts two zippered compartments and proudly displays the brand’s logo on its shoulder cross-body strap.


The story showcases the allure of TK Maxx’s discounted offerings and the thrill of finding a designer handbag at a significantly reduced price.

The TikTok video shared by Adrienne highlights the value and savings available to savvy shoppers.

It also provides a glimpse into the specific features and style of the Marc Jacobs bag in question, adding to its appeal.


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