Soldier Describes Unprecedented 1,300-ft-long UFO Hovering Above Donetsk Amid War

In a jaw-dropping revelation, a Ukrainian soldier from the 406th Battalion operating in the war-torn Donetsk province reported a surreal encounter with an enormous UFO hovering over the battlefield.

The soldier, a drone operator named Vadym, recounted the sighting of a disc-shaped object spanning 1,300 feet in length and hovering eerily still a mile above the embattled region.

The incident, captured on an infrared quadcopter during a reconnaissance mission, has left soldiers perplexed and stirred discussions about the nature of the unidentified object.

Soldier’s Testimony: Unprecedented Sighting Stuns Battalion

During a routine reconnaissance mission, Vadym and his fellow soldiers were taken aback when they encountered the massive disc-shaped UFO.

The soldier, speaking from the warzone, expressed initial confusion, considering it might be a new invention by the Russians.

The UFO, unlike anything they had witnessed before, stood motionless against strong winds, presenting an unusual heat signature that ruled out conventional explanations.

Baffling Characteristics: UFO’s Unusual Heat Signature Raises Questions

The UFO’s distinct characteristics added to the soldiers’ astonishment. Vadym revealed that the object exhibited a temperature 36 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit higher than any other tracked in the warzone.

Despite strong winds, the UFO remained stationary, defying atmospheric phenomena and known aircraft behaviors.

The soldiers, accustomed to suppressing fear amid the conflict, described their surprise and curiosity in the face of this extraordinary sighting.

Infrared Footage: Exclusive Video Reveals Soldiers’ Reaction

The soldier shared a 17-second video exclusively with, showcasing the soldiers’ genuine reactions during the encounter.

Swearing and excitement fill the audio as the soldiers grapple with the mysterious object’s unexpected presence.

Questions about the UFO’s immobility and potential threat highlight the soldiers’ bewilderment.

Debunking Possibilities: Not a Mirage, Asserts Soldier

While optical illusions like Fata Morgana were considered, Vadym adamantly dismissed such explanations.

He clarified that the stable form and lack of distortions ruled out mirages, especially as the sighting occurred through thermal vision.

Despite the winds and clear skies, the UFO remained unaffected, challenging conventional explanations and leaving the soldiers astonished.

Operational Security Concerns: Soldier Requests Anonymity

Concerned about operational security, Vadym requested anonymity for himself and specific details of the encounter.

He emphasized the need to protect sensitive information amid the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ efforts to repel the Russian invasion.

The soldier’s extensive experience, with over 10,000 drone flights, underscored the uniqueness of this sighting.

Equipment and Conspiracy Concerns: Soldier Addresses Skepticism

Addressing skepticism and potential equipment errors, Vadym dismissed doubts about the Mavic 3T’s functionality during the encounter.

The warning displayed on the drone’s screen related to manual controls due to combat-specific circumstances.

The soldier explained combat-related precautions, such as removing memory cards to prevent enemy access to sensitive footage, adding a layer of complexity to the encounter.

Reflecting on the Encounter: Soldier’s Hope for a Better World

In a poignant reflection, Vadym expressed the wish that the video had never happened, longing for a world without the conflict that necessitated their military efforts.

In an ideal scenario, the soldier envisioned the use of civilian drones for celebratory occasions like weddings, emphasizing the toll of the Russian invasion on the Ukrainian military.

The extraordinary UFO sighting above Donetsk adds a surreal layer to the ongoing conflict, leaving soldiers grappling with questions about the unknown phenomenon amid their already challenging circumstances.

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