Ukrainian Roots Fade – Insinger’s Population Plunge Creates Eerie Ghost Town!

Ukrainian Roots Fade – Insinger’s Population Plunge Creates Eerie Ghost Town!

In rural Canada, an urban explorer named Dave, also known as Freaktography, stumbled upon the remnants of a tiny ghost town, Insinger, located in Saskatchewan.

Once a vibrant hub of a small Ukrainian community, Insinger is now a collection of abandoned buildings, including houses, a school, and a church, bearing witness to its forgotten past.

History of Insinger:

Founded in 1898 under the name Lawrie, the settlement later became Insinger in 1907.

Over the years, it thrived as a small community, mainly populated by individuals of Ukrainian descent.

By 1981, it housed 805 residents, but economic shifts and improved transportation to larger areas led to a gradual decline.

The last census in 2016 reported only 315 inhabitants.

The decline in population reflects the impact of economic changes and increased accessibility to larger centers, which is a common narrative for many ghost towns in the region.

The once-thriving Insinger has now become a silent witness to the changing tides of time.

Exploration of Abandoned Structures:

Dave’s exploration captured the eerie beauty of the abandoned structures.

The Ukrainian church, although small, stood as a poignant reminder of the town’s heritage.

Abandoned homes, a dilapidated school, and a vacant post office were among the structures that had succumbed to decay over the years.

The structural decay witnessed in the church and school highlights the toll of time and neglect on these once-vibrant community spaces.

Despite the external appearances, interiors revealed the wear and tear, with debris scattered and remnants of a bygone era.

Ghost Town Landscape:

Insinger, now completely abandoned, presents a desolate landscape with empty fields stretching into the distance.

Dave’s video showcased the haunting atmosphere, emphasizing the solitude that has enveloped the town over the years.

Reflection on Ghost Town Phenomenon:

Insinger is not an isolated case in Saskatchewan, as the province hosts 140 ghost towns, many sharing a similar fate during the 20th century.

The prevalence of such ghost towns reflects broader trends in rural depopulation and economic shifts.

Viewer Reactions and Reflections:

Following the exploration video’s release on YouTube, viewers expressed a mix of emotions.

Some admired the beauty of abandoned churches in Saskatchewan, while others expressed sadness at the town’s fate.

The engagement in the comments section highlighted a shared sentiment of nostalgia and reflection on the town’s history.

The video becomes a medium for remembering Insinger, ensuring that its existence is preserved through the lens of curious explorers.

The collective reminiscence in the comments section underscores the importance of documenting and sharing the stories of forgotten communities.


Insinger stands frozen in time, its abandoned structures telling the story of a once-thriving community.

Dave’s exploration serves as a visual record, offering viewers a glimpse into the past and a reflection on the transient nature of human settlements.

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