Tragic Bloodbath at French Court – Man Fatally Shoots Ex-Wife, Then Takes His Own Life!

Tragic Bloodbath at French Court – Man Fatally Shoots Ex-Wife, Then Takes His Own Life!

In a shocking turn of events, an alimony hearing transformed into a harrowing bloodbath outside the Palais de Justice in Montpellier, France.

The incident unfolded as a 72-year-old man, embroiled in an acrimonious property dispute with his ex-wife, awaited her on a bench outside the court premises.

The divorced couple, aged 66 and 72, respectively, was scheduled to discuss the division of assets arising from their 2016 divorce.

Violent Attack Outside the Court:

The perpetrator, armed with a gun, attacked his ex-wife, aged 66, as she approached the court’s security.

In a disturbing act, he shot her at point-blank range in the back of the head.

The scene quickly turned chaotic, with witnesses screaming and a pool of blood forming around the victim.

Before the authorities could intervene, the assailant turned the weapon on himself, resulting in both individuals being declared dead at the scene.

Background of Domestic Violence:

The investigation revealed that the couple had a history of violence during their marriage.

However, at the time of the incident, no ongoing legal proceedings related to domestic violence or protective orders were in place.

The Montpellier public prosecutor, Fabrice Belargent, confirmed the divorce in 2016 and stated that the fatal meeting was scheduled for 2 pm to discuss the liquidation of their assets.

Security Measures and Response:

Following the mid-afternoon attack, a security cordon was established around the court, and a white sheet was used to shield the bodies from public view.

Emergency services, firefighters, and police continued their work on the scene, limiting access to the court.

Mayor Michael Delafosse expressed support for court personnel impacted by the tragic incident and denounced the act of violence against the victim.

Official Statements and Context:

Authorities, including Éric Dupond-Moretti, France’s minister of justice, ruled out terrorism as a motive.

Dupond-Moretti expressed horror at the femicide and conveyed condolences to the victim’s family.

The Minister extended support to court staff and activated the psychological support unit in response to the traumatic event.

Reflection on Tragedy:

The incident underscores the grave consequences of domestic disputes and the potential for violence to escalate, leaving devastating repercussions.

The tragedy resonates not only as a femicide but also as a stark reminder of the broader societal issue of intimate partner violence.


As Montpellier grapples with the aftermath of this shocking incident, it prompts reflection on the urgent need for measures addressing domestic violence and protecting vulnerable individuals within the legal framework.


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