UK-Based Vlogger Emdee Tiamiyu Apologizes to Nigerians for Controversial Interview

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. Emdee Tiamiyu, a Nigerian vlogger based in the UK, has issued an apology to Nigerians following a controversial interview in which he revealed the route many people use to enter the UK.


In the interview with BBC, Tiamiyu suggested that Nigerians often use the student route as a means to gain entry into the country, which sparked outrage and criticism on social media.

However, in a subsequent interview with Daddy Freeze, Tiamiyu expressed the need to be real and acknowledged that being real can sometimes offend others.

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He acknowledged the importance of finding a balance between being truthful and being diplomatic.

In a video shared on Wednesday morning, Tiamiyu publicly apologized for his previous statements and any inconvenience they may have caused.

He sincerely expressed regret for the discomfort caused by his words and emphasized that his intentions were rooted in love, progress, and positive support.

Tiamiyu clarified that his motivation for the interview was to shed light on the challenges faced in Nigeria and the UK, while also providing a platform for those whose voices have been unheard to share their frustrations.


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Tiamiyu’s apology aims to address the concerns raised by Nigerians and to express his genuine remorse for any harm caused.

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