Controversial Book Funding Revealed: Prince Mashele Apologizes for Inaccurate Statements on Herman Mashaba’s Involvement

Controversial Book Funding Revealed: Prince Mashele Apologizes for Inaccurate Statements on Herman Mashaba’s Involvement

...By Larry John for TDPel Media.

Political commentator and author Prince Mashele has issued an apology for his remarks during an interview, admitting that he incorrectly stated that Herman Mashaba had no involvement in financing the book titled The Outsider.


The book, which was recently withdrawn from the market by publisher Jonathan Ball Publishers, was revealed to have been funded by Mashaba, a politician and businessman.

In his apology, Mashele clarified that he had been bound by a non-disclosure agreement, which prevented him from revealing the funding arrangement.

He expressed remorse for misleadingly denying Mashaba’s role in financing the book and acknowledged that the research leading to its production was indeed financed through a funding agreement with Mashaba, for which he expressed gratitude.

Withdrawal of the Book and Breach of Trust

Jonathan Ball Publishers announced the immediate withdrawal of The Outsider, citing a material non-disclosure by Mashaba regarding the contractual agreement with Mashele.

The failure to disclose the funder was deemed a breach of trust by the publisher.

The book had been commissioned in 2018 when Mashaba was still a member of the Democratic Alliance and serving as the Mayor of Johannesburg.


Despite the book not being released to the public, Mashele expressed gratitude towards the professionalism of Jonathan Ball Publishers and their positive assessment of the manuscript, despite their disapproval of the non-disclosure regarding the funding arrangement.

Clarification on Mashaba’s Involvement

ActionSA national chairperson Michael Beaumont refuted claims of Mashaba having editorial control over the book.

According to Beaumont, Mashaba had provided initial personal financing of R12.5 million for the project but did not have any relationship with the publishers or control over the editorial process.

The contractual agreement, established in March 2019, determined that Mashele would handle the publisher relationship.

Mashaba also had no prior knowledge of the book’s cover or the sub-heading “An unauthorised biography of Herman Mashaba,” as these details were agreed upon solely between Mashele and the publishers.

Beaumont emphasized that the contract clearly stated that while Mashaba could suggest the inclusion of significant events or facts, the ultimate ownership of the book’s contents belonged to the author, Mashele.

The situation highlighted the need for transparency and adherence to contractual agreements in the publication of The Outsider, shedding light on the funding controversy and the subsequent withdrawal of the book from the market.

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