Tyson vs. Paul – Boxing’s Age Divide Sparks Debate Ahead of Netflix Showdown

Campbell Hatton, an undefeated rising star in boxing, has expressed apprehension regarding Mike Tyson’s upcoming return to the ring against Jake Paul.

Hatton, adamant that the fight should not proceed, highlights concerns about Tyson’s age and the potential risks associated with his prolonged absence from professional boxing.

Tyson-Paul Bout Announcement:

The unexpected announcement of Tyson and Paul’s matchup, scheduled for July 20 in Texas and set to be streamed live on Netflix, has stirred controversy within the boxing community.

Tyson, a former heavyweight champion, will be 58 at the time of the fight, facing Paul, who is 30 years his junior and primarily known for his YouTube celebrity status rather than his boxing career.

Doubts Surrounding Tyson’s Return:

Despite Tyson’s impressive physical condition showcased in training videos, Hatton questions Tyson’s ability to withstand punches at his age, especially after nearly two decades away from professional boxing.

Hatton emphasizes the toll that training and maintaining punch resistance take on fighters, particularly those approaching their sixties.

Impact on Boxing and Perception:

Hatton voices concern that the fight between Tyson and Paul may mislead younger fans about Tyson’s legendary status in boxing.

He fears that Paul’s victory, potentially due to Tyson’s age-related limitations, could undermine Tyson’s legacy and distort perceptions of his unparalleled boxing prowess.

Critique of the Fight’s Approval:

Hatton criticizes the approval of the fight, suggesting that Tyson’s past achievements should not overshadow concerns about his current physical condition.

He argues that if it were any other fighter at Tyson’s age, such a bout would not be sanctioned, highlighting the inconsistencies in the boxing industry’s standards.

Reflections on Boxing’s Top Contenders:

While the focus shifts to the elite heavyweights like Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, Hatton shares insights into Joshua’s recent resurgence under trainer Ben Davison and his potential to reclaim the heavyweight throne.

He also considers the future prospects for Francis Ngannou in boxing, acknowledging the limitations of his recent defeat by Joshua.

Campbell Hatton’s Career and Aspirations:

Amidst the discussions on heavyweight boxing, Hatton prepares for his own bout for the Central Area super-lightweight title.

Reflecting on his family’s boxing legacy, Hatton anticipates a tough fight against Jimmy Joe Flint but remains confident in his abilities to uphold the family tradition and secure victory.


Campbell Hatton’s remarks underscore broader debates within the boxing community regarding age, legacy, and the commercialization of the sport.

As he navigates his own boxing journey, Hatton’s insights shed light on the complexities and challenges facing both seasoned veterans like Tyson and emerging talents like himself in the ever-evolving landscape of professional boxing.

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