Tyson Fury lambastes Anthony Joshua over Usyk prediction ahead of undisputed showdown

Tyson Fury expresses anger and disdain towards Anthony Joshua after Joshua predicts Fury’s defeat against Oleksandr Usyk in their upcoming heavyweight showdown.

Fury dismisses Joshua’s prediction and issues a warning to both Joshua and Usyk.

Joshua’s Prediction and Fury’s Response

Anthony Joshua’s prediction that Usyk would defeat Fury incites Fury’s ire, prompting him to respond sharply on social media.

Fury ridicules Joshua’s prediction and asserts his confidence in his ability to emerge victorious against both opponents.

Joshua’s Hope for Future Fight

Despite the tension, Joshua expresses hope for a future matchup against Fury, citing the potential for a lucrative and significant bout.

He acknowledges the longstanding anticipation for a showdown between them and hints at its inevitability.

Respectful Encounter Amid Rivalry

Amid their rivalry, Anthony Joshua shares a respectful encounter with Tyson Fury’s father, John, in Saudi Arabia.

Despite their competitive relationship, John expresses admiration and respect for Joshua, emphasizing his positive impact on boxing.

Anticipation for Future Showdown

Both fighters acknowledge the growing anticipation for a potential bout between Joshua and Fury, suggesting that it is “in the pipeline” and likely to materialize in the near future.

Despite their differences, there is mutual recognition of the significance of a matchup between two heavyweight champions.