John Fury Criticizes Tyson Fury’s Training Approach Ahead of Usyk Bout

John Fury Criticizes Tyson Fury’s Training Approach Ahead of Usyk Bout

John Fury, father of heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury, has commended his son’s physical condition, declaring it the “best shape of his life.”

However, John expressed concerns over the training approach and criticized accusations made by Oleksandr Usyk’s manager, Egis Klimas.

Praise for Tyson’s Physical Condition:

John Fury acknowledged Tyson’s dedication and impressive physical transformation, emphasizing that Tyson appeared to be in peak form for the scheduled fight against Oleksandr Usyk on February 17.

He highlighted the significance of Tyson’s shape and expressed confidence in his performance.

The positive comments about Tyson’s physique reflect a supportive stance from John Fury, emphasizing the dedication and hard work put into training.

Concerns Over Training Approach:

Despite praising Tyson’s physical condition, John Fury expressed reservations about the training approach, suggesting that a focus on “body sparring and technical work” might have been more prudent, especially given the proximity to the undisputed title fight.

John’s concerns shed light on the strategic aspects of training and the need for caution, indicating a fatherly concern for his son’s well-being and preparation.

Rejection of Usyk’s Team Accusations:

John Fury vehemently rejected accusations made by Egis Klimas, Usyk’s manager, labeling Tyson as a coward who intentionally sustained an injury to avoid the fight.

John dismissed these claims as “bulls***” and criticized Usyk’s team for making baseless accusations.

The strong rejection of accusations reveals the emotional response from John Fury, defending his son’s integrity and character against what he perceives as unfounded attacks.

Response to Conspiracy Theories:

Addressing conspiracy theories suggesting Tyson faked the injury, John Fury dismissed such claims, urging those propagating them to reflect and think rationally.

He emphasized that the injury was a “freak accident” and criticized those entertaining conspiracy theories.

John’s dismissal of conspiracy theories underscores the frustration with baseless speculations and emphasizes the need for a more rational discourse.

John Fury touched on claims about a ‘mole’ in Tyson’s camp, expressing disbelief and describing the person named as a “nice fellow.”

He categorically rejected the notion, terming it “total bullshit.”

John’s straightforward rejection of the ‘mole’ allegations further highlights his stance against unfounded rumors and supports his confidence in the individuals involved in Tyson’s camp.


The statements from John Fury provide a glimpse into the complexities surrounding Tyson’s preparation for the Usyk fight, showcasing a mix of pride in his son’s physical condition, concerns about training strategies, and a vehement defense against perceived attacks on Tyson’s character.

The controversy adds layers of drama to the anticipated clash between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk.

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