TV Builder Tommy Walsh Faces Lung Cancer Battle – A Health Update

Renowned TV builder Tommy Walsh, aged 67, is confronting a new health challenge as he recently discovered a three-centimeter tumor in his lung.

The veteran builder, known for his appearances on BBC’s Homes Under The Hammer, disclosed the urgent need for treatment after doctors detected the tumor during a CT scan prompted by a chest infection.

Discovery of Tumor and Health Update:

Tommy Walsh shared the concerning health update during a conference organized by Swallows, a head and neck cancer charity, in November.

Expressing the gravity of the situation, he urged the audience to “keep their fingers crossed” for him.

This revelation comes amid Tommy’s removal from Homes Under The Hammer, replaced by weatherman Owain Wyn Evans, as part of a show shake-up.

Tommy’s Words at the Conference:

In a video posted on YouTube, Tommy addressed the audience, stating, “I’ve tried to keep cheerful, and you’ve cheered me up today, and thank you for letting me reminisce and talk.”

He candidly shared the discovery of the tumor, its detection during a medical appointment, and the subsequent urgent treatment required.

Despite contemplating whether to disclose the information, Tommy felt it would be unfair not to share it with his supporters.

Uncertain Results and Media Response:

As of the latest information, Tommy Walsh has not made the results of his medical appointment public.

The veteran builder, a father of three, previously faced health challenges, including a battle with throat cancer and a breast cancer scare two decades ago.

Past Health Challenges:

Tommy’s encounter with cancer dates back to a cancer awareness campaign in 2022, where he discovered a cancerous lump in his throat.

Following surgery, he fully recovered and continued his activities, even playing football.

Earlier, in a breast cancer scare, two lumps on his chest led to day surgery, with results confirming they were benign.

Career and Recent Changes:

Having appeared on TV screens since his role in Ground Force, Tommy Walsh contributed to popular shows such as Homes Under The Hammer.

Despite hints at potential retirement, recent changes in the show’s lineup have resulted in his replacement by Owain Wyn Evans.

The BBC cited a desire for a makeover to attract younger audiences as the reason for this shift.

Media and Industry Response:

The media reported that the upcoming series of Homes Under The Hammer would feature both Tommy and Owain due to a three-month lag in house makeovers, allowing for some crossover.

Industry sources suggest the BBC sees Owain as a future star with potential appeal to younger viewers.


Tommy Walsh’s health revelation adds a new chapter to his storied career, highlighting the uncertainties individuals face in their health journey.

The response from the media and industry dynamics surrounding his TV appearances underscores the challenges and changes that come with public figures navigating health issues in the public eye.

The public awaits further updates on Tommy’s health as he confronts this latest health battle.

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