Tunde Ednut Warns Ladies Not to Message Him for Davido’s Contact

Tunde Ednut Warns Ladies Not to Message Him for Davido’s Contact

Tunde Ednut’s Warning to Fans About Davido

Popular celebrity blogger and entertainer, Tunde Ednut, whose real name is Tunde Olaoluwa Adekunle, has issued a stern warning to ladies who frequently slide into his direct messages (DMs) requesting Nigerian singer Davido’s phone number.

Annoyance Over Disregard for Davido’s Marriage

Expressing his frustration on Instagram, Tunde Ednut voiced his annoyance with some ladies on social media who seem to disregard Davido’s commitment to his marriage with Chioma Rowland.

He emphasized that Davido is happily married and cautioned female fans to refrain from making such requests.

Tunde Ednut even went further by threatening to post the pictures of individuals who continue to message him for Davido’s contact.

Koffi’s Claims About Tekno and Afrobeat

In another development, Nigerian comedian Koffi Idowu Nuel, known as Koffi, has made a bold claim about the origin of Afrobeat.

During a recent interview with Galaxy TV, Koffi argued that Afrobeat couldn’t make its transition into the Western world until Tekno introduced what he referred to as “samples and bounces” to the genre.

According to Koffi, Tekno played a pivotal role in bringing Afrobeat to Nigeria and eventually passing it on to artists like Davido, especially after releasing his hit song ‘Pana.’

However, Koffi noted that Tekno’s contributions to Afrobeat didn’t receive the recognition they deserved, partly because Tekno fell ill and wasn’t able to utilize social media effectively.

Closing Note

Both Tunde Ednut’s warning to fans about respecting Davido’s marriage and Koffi’s claims about Tekno’s influence on Afrobeat highlight interesting developments in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

While Ednut calls for restraint and respect, Koffi brings attention to the unsung contributions of artists like Tekno to the music genre.

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