Sophia Momodu Takes on Tunde Ednut Over Child Privacy

Sophia Momodu Takes on Tunde Ednut Over Child Privacy

Clash Between Sophia Momodu and Tunde Ednut Over Kids’ Video

A social media spat unfolded between Sophia Momodu, known as Davido’s baby mama, and Tunde Ednut, a US-based blogger.

This skirmish ignited after Ednut posted a video featuring Imade, the daughter of Davido and Sophia Momodu, in a playful exchange with Tiwa Savage’s son, Jamil Balogun.

In the shared video, Imade and Jamil engaged in a lighthearted conversation during a car ride, teasingly debating their relationship.

However, a playful disagreement arose when Jamil referred to Imade as his sister, causing a slight irritation.

Eventually, after Jamil jokingly discouraged Imade from joining him at the beach, she sweetly apologized to her best friend.

Tunde Ednut, impressed by the adorable interaction between the kids, posted the video on his Instagram with a caption expressing his amusement.

Unexpectedly, Sophia Momodu sternly warned Ednut in the comment section, instructing him not to share images of her child.

Social Media Reaction to the Clash

Sophia Momodu’s warning to Tunde Ednut triggered various reactions across social media.

Some criticized her while others supported her stance, emphasizing the importance of respecting her wishes regarding her child’s visibility.

Star Power remarked on her perceived bitterness, attributing it to her status as a baby mama.

Meanwhile, others pointed out that the child’s face wasn’t solely featured in the video. Some empathized with Momodu’s protective instincts, asserting her right to make such demands concerning her child’s exposure.

Reactions ranged from disapproval of Momodu’s approach to supporting her autonomy over her child’s public presence.

Opinions varied widely, addressing the dynamics of celebrity, privacy, and social media conduct.

Captivating Commentaries:

It’s fascinating how social media interactions between public figures can swiftly ignite controversy.

Sophia Momodu’s protective stance garnered both criticism and support, sparking debates about the boundaries of sharing children’s images online.

The clash serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding privacy, celebrity, and digital spaces, with opinions on both sides of the spectrum.

The exchange amplifies the ongoing discourse about respecting parental wishes and safeguarding children’s privacy in the realm of social media.

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