Trump’s Bold Admission: “It Was My Decision” to Contest the 2020 Election

Trump’s Candid Admission

In a surprising revelation, former President Donald Trump has claimed full responsibility for his actions aimed at overturning the 2020 presidential election results.

This admission marks a significant departure from previous statements and suggests that Trump was not acting upon legal advice.

The implications of this statement may impact the numerous lawsuits he faces regarding his attempts to challenge President Joe Biden’s victory.

Trump’s Interview with NBC News

Donald Trump made these revelations during an extensive interview with NBC News, where he discussed the events surrounding January 6, 2021, and his efforts to reverse the outcome of the election.

In this pre-recorded interview, which aired on Sunday morning, Trump asserted that the decision to contest the election was entirely his own.

The Power of Choice

During the interview, Trump emphasized, “We have many people, and it’s my choice.” He further elaborated that the ultimate decision rested with him, although he acknowledged that he had listened to advice from various sources.

Notably, Trump disclosed that there were officials within his administration and campaign lawyers who advised him to accept the election results. However, he dismissed their counsel, claiming he “didn’t respect them.”

The RINO Controversy

When pressed by the interviewer, Kristen Welker, about hiring some of these individuals for their advice, Trump revealed that he had been unaware of their affiliation as “Republicans in Name Only” (RINOs).

He asserted that those who did not align with his views or proved to be less supportive were “not so good.” Trump’s use of the term RINO has become a common critique of his Republican critics, labeling them as turncoats.

Trump’s Legal Challenges and Confidence

Despite facing multiple legal battles, including charges related to his attempts to challenge the 2020 election and the retention of classified documents after leaving office, Trump appeared unworried about the prospect of imprisonment.

When asked if he loses sleep over the possibility of going to prison, he responded, “I don’t even think about it.” He expressed a unique sense of confidence, stating, “I’m built a little differently…I truly feel that, in the end, we’re going to win.”

In summary, Trump’s recent interview sheds light on his direct involvement in efforts to reverse the 2020 election results, a revelation that may have repercussions for his legal challenges and political future. Despite legal troubles, Trump remains resolute in his belief that he will ultimately prevail.

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