Trial Underway for Teacher Accused of Kicking and Slapping Pony in Lincolnshire

Trial Underway for Teacher Accused of Kicking and Slapping Pony in Lincolnshire

The case we are about to delve into highlights a disturbing incident of alleged animal cruelty involving a former primary school teacher and a grey pony named Bruce Almighty.

In today’s world, where animal rights and welfare are taken increasingly seriously, such cases often elicit strong emotions and attention.

Here’s what transpired according to the information presented in court.

Incident and Accusation

A former primary school teacher named Sarah Moulds is accused of causing unnecessary suffering to her grey pony, Bruce Almighty, in Lincolnshire in November 2021.

The case came to light when footage emerged showing her kicking and repeatedly slapping the animal after it had run into the road.

Moulds, however, denies the charges, insisting her actions were proportionate.

Prosecution’s Opening Statement

During the trial’s opening at Lincoln Crown Court, prosecutor Hazel Stevens described the incident, detailing how Moulds was seen grabbing the lead rope, kicking the horse, and landing several blows to its face.

Stevens asserted that Mould’s actions were “unnecessary and counter-productive” and “over the top,” even though the pony did not sustain external injuries.

Video Evidence

The incident was captured on video and posted on social media by Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs while Moulds participated in the Cottesmore Hunt.

The footage showed Moulds taking hold of Bruce’s lead rope, kicking him in the chest, striking him across the face, and returning him to the horse box.

When interviewed, Moulds maintained that she believed her actions were necessary.

Expert Testimony

Dr. Suzanne Green, an equine veterinary surgeon who analyzed the footage, provided evidence in court, stating that Bruce “was desperately trying to get away” from Moulds and would have been bruised.

She concluded that the actions were “not proportionate, not appropriate and not in response to anything,” and that they would have caused unnecessary suffering.

Reactions and Charges

Following the incident, the Cottesmore Hunt organizers and the RSPCA expressed their disapproval, calling the video “really upsetting.”

Moulds was subsequently sacked by her employer, the Mowbray Education Trust, and charged in January 2022 with two offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Moulds denies the charges, and the trial continues.


This deeply troubling case shines a spotlight on the broader issues of animal welfare and the responsibility we all have towards the treatment of animals.

It also raises questions about what constitutes appropriate discipline for animals, particularly when their behavior may pose a danger to others.

As the legal process unfolds, this case serves as a stark reminder of the fine line between discipline and abuse, and the urgent need for clear guidelines and education in handling animals.

The outcome of the trial could have far-reaching implications for how we approach and understand animal welfare in the future.

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