Celebrating a Year as a Royal Chief: Portable’s Milestone in Ota

Celebrating a Year as a Royal Chief: Portable’s Milestone in Ota

In the vibrant town of Ota, situated in Ogun state, a significant celebration recently took place.

Portable, a well-known Nigerian street singer, marked his first year as a royal chief.

Accompanied by his wife Ewatomi, Portable made a stylish departure from their residence, greeted by an adoring crowd of fans.

Recognition of a Rising Star: The “Amuludun of Tigbo Land” Title and Its Significance

This celebration commemorated the anniversary of Portable’s chieftaincy title, which he received from the Onitigbo of Tigbo-Ilu land in Ota. The title, “Amuludun of Tigbo Land,” was bestowed upon him a year ago and holds deep meaning.

Translated from the Yoruba language, “amuludun” means “one who makes a community happy.”

This title perfectly captures the impact Portable has had on his community through his music.

Born as Habeeb Okikiola, Portable is renowned for his candid expressions and outspoken viewpoints.

His music, often drawing from his personal experiences, has resonated deeply with his audience, endearing him to a diverse fanbase.

Festivities and Musical Tribute

The celebration included a captivating performance by the renowned Ibadan fuji artist Taye Currency.

This musical event showcased the harmonious fusion of traditional and contemporary influences, reflecting Portable’s musical journey and his role as a cultural icon.

Unveiling the Person Behind the Music: Portable’s Personal Life and Queen Dami

Beyond his musical accomplishments and newfound title, Portable’s personal life has also come under the spotlight.

He openly acknowledged his admiration for Queen Dami, the late Alaafin of Oyo’s wife.

Recent rumors linking Portable and Queen Dami raised questions about the nature of their relationship.

Leaked screenshots of their conversations, filled with endearing terms and heart-shaped emojis, fueled speculation.

Clarifying the Connection: Portable’s Response

In response to these rumors, Portable offered his perspective.

During an interaction with Nedu Wazobia, he clarified that Queen Dami had been his fan since the beginning.

This statement shed light on their connection, suggesting that their interactions were rooted in mutual respect and appreciation.

A Journey of Influence and Transformation

Portable’s journey from a street singer to a royal chief highlights his impact not only in the realm of music but also on the cultural landscape of Ota.

As he continues to express his unique voice and captivate audiences, his story stands as a testament to the transformative power of art and its ability to make a lasting impact on a community.