Trending NFT Game: Following Rebel Bots Next Stage of Growth

Trending NFT Game: Following Rebel Bots Next Stage of Growth

P2E games are built on the blockchain. The technology helps to protect information about the player’s achievements and assets. As a rule, blockchain games integrate functionality for interacting with NFTs. The digital asset format is convenient for gaming because NFTs can wrap game characters, virtual items, rewards, and more.

Therefore, the release of various projects is observed every quarter, and the community positively accepts some projects. One such game is Rebel Bots (RBLS).

Meet The Bright Member Of The Free Play To Earn NFT Games

Rebel Bots is a card battle game based on blockchain technology, where you can earn money in single or multiplayer mode. Rebel Bots NFT’s come in three varieties. These are characters, lands, and combat units. The game is imbued with a sci-fi plot, and all the game art, done on a level with the popular NFT examples, fits perfectly with the core world stylistics. Players must unite around extraterrestrial kingdoms, create their army of combat robots and compete with other players for a Xoil resource/token. 

Launch of Xoil Wars Open Beta Season 1

Rebel Bots have prepared one of the best beta tests among other play to earn crypto Android games. During Season 1 of testing, some of the biggest battles will occur in which players and the crypto community can fight for RBLS prize pool. A total of 3,000 users can participate, so if you’re interested in NFT and P2E games, visit the Rebel Bots website or the Discord channel.

Overview of Rebel Bots’ Gameplay and Features

Since Rebel Bots is an NFT card game, it uses the battle card strategy mechanics familiar to millions of players, so you can quickly learn how to play and start earning. 

Project features an excellent UX UI game design, made in accordance with best practices with tips available here – The main lines making the game design recognizable, simple, and suitable for users of play to earn mobile games. By winning battles, players will be rewarded with in-game resources that will allow them to create new, more advanced NFT robot soldiers and develop their combat strategies.

The Potential for Earning Money in Rebel Bots

The game has 150,000 lots that allow players to be part of a particular kingdom. Each land will be located in a separate habitat with advantages and disadvantages. There are 2 currencies in the game:

  • RBLS token. This NFT games crypto can be earned by participating in tournaments and is used to mint combat robots and buy lands on the secondary market.
  • Xoil token. You can earn in-game modes, as well as in tournaments among kingdoms, and this is used to buy robot parts and mint.

The game uses a card system similar to MTG. So exchanging and selling cards or units, as in TCG games, remains available. In addition to this, in addition to game modes, users can earn by minting and selling NFT on the market or by earning rewards for winning. There was no information about the battle pass system, but the details will be available during beta.


The popularity of play to earn mobile games began with projects like The Sandbox and etc. According to forecasts, Rebel Bots should immediately enter the crypto market with a clear advantage because there are several other large companies among investors besides Overwolf and Ubisoft. Although the game mechanics and design seem familiar, the developers are preparing even more content to optimize and upgrade the gameplay.

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