3 Key Components of the Success in the OTT Industry

When you launch a business, you want it to succeed. You want to do everything right so that you have multiple customers and high revenue. The video streaming industry is no exception. An OTT business has its own peculiarities. Here, success depends on three main components. Let’s observe each of them in detail. 

What are the Three Main Components Leading to the Success of Your OTT Video Streaming Service?

There are content, technology, and marketing. 


Content is king, and no wonder it is essential for the success of your video streaming service. Viewers are seeking original content in the first place. Then, they assess other parameters, such as personalization functionality or availability on multiple platforms. But content is a decisive factor.

Make sure you stream videos that your viewers will like. To achieve that, you need to know your viewers very well. You need to understand their preferences and interests so that you can create content they will appreciate. 

For example, TVALB viewers are Albanian people living or traveling abroad. The platform delivers programs from Albania to users in the USA and Canada.

Communicate with your audience via social media or use analytics to see their behavior on the service. People will like that you are interested in their feedback. 


The technology you use to run your video streaming service is crucial as it helps you operate. Its quality will define the way you and the service work. If the solution has only one monetization model, you won’t be able to use all of them. Be careful when obtaining software. 

The professional OTT/IPTV solutions for operators (for video streaming) have middleware, an encoder/transcoder, applications for multiple devices, and a CDN. The vital features should include monetization (advertising, subscriptions, a pay-per-view, and a hybrid), customization, analytics, and a recommendation engine sometimes. 

It can be essential that the solution supports adaptive bitrate streaming, which adjusts the video quality to the network conditions and requirements of a receiving device. For example, you don’t need to stream a 4K quality video to a smartphone. Particular equipment can help in meeting the necessary conditions. 

Furthermore, you would probably want to grow your video streaming service at some point. A CDN (content delivery network) and applications can be a helping hand here. CDNs allow you to reach viewers worldwide, and apps let you cover as many devices as possible, increasing the number of users on your service.


Marketing is crucial for attracting customers to your service. It is an essential channel to invest money in. Make sure you cover all channels that your target audience might use. In this case, you will be able to attract those who are interested in your content. 

There are:

  • SEO marketing will help you take higher positions in the search ranking results. If viewers are searching for something to watch, they will likely encounter your website. 
  • Social media marketing will help you gather all viewers in one place for further communication with them. They are perfect for talking directly to users and receiving feedback. You can announce important updates and news, and viewers will be informed. 
  • Influencer marketing can also help you attract your target audience by partnering with an influencer.  
  • Online advertising is useful for promoting your video streaming service. 

Drawing the Line

Here are three key components of the success of a video streaming service: content, marketing, and technology. You should invest in all of them to operate smoothly and grow your business step-by-step. If you forget about one element, the other two won’t show you the result you want. So, make sure you pay enough attention to all of them. 

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