Transgender Woman Assaulted by Bouncer in Hate Crime: Shocking Incident at Billy Jack’s Shack

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A Night Takes a Violent Turn

In a distressing incident, Lynette Matusik, a transgender woman, found herself subjected to a brutal assault at Billy Jack’s Shack in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The attack, captured by Matusik’s Meta Smart Glasses, unfolded when she entered the popular establishment with friends on a Friday night.

Bouncer’s Transphobic Assault

Matusik recounts being forcibly grabbed, lifted, and thrown to the ground by a bouncer who, she claims, hurled transphobic slurs during the attack.

The shocking video reveals Matusik’s pleas for the bouncer to release her and the disturbing verbal abuse she endured.

Company Under Investigation

Gridiron Protection Services, the security company responsible for Billy Jack’s Shack, faces scrutiny as it is revealed that they lack the necessary license for security work, a common but illegal practice in the state.

The Private Protective Services Board in North Carolina has initiated an investigation into Gridiron, while the bar has severed ties with the security provider.

Allegations and Legal Ramifications

Allegedly bitten by Matusik, the bouncer called the police, leading to Matusik being charged with simple assault.

Matusik challenges the biting accusation, asserting it as ‘ridiculous’ and demands that the incident be treated as a hate crime.

The controversy prompts a broader discussion on safety and security measures.


The harrowing incident sheds light on the vulnerability of individuals within the LGBTQ+ community and the importance of addressing hate crimes.

The response from both the bar and the security company highlights the need for stringent regulations in the private security sector to ensure the safety of patrons.

Matusik’s call for an investigation as a hate crime underscores the significance of recognizing and condemning acts of violence driven by prejudice.