Lagos BRT Driver Assaulted by Mercedes Benz Owner Over Alleged Scratch, Shocking Incident Captured on Video

Road Rage Erupts in Lagos as Benz Owner Assaults BRT Driver Over Scratch

In a startling incident in Lagos, a yet-to-be-identified man reportedly assaulted a Lagos State Bus Transit (BRT) driver, alleging that the driver scratched his Mercedes Benz.

The violent encounter unfolded in the midst of heavy traffic, leaving passengers and onlookers shocked.

Passenger’s Account of the Incident

Azaria, a Corps member and passenger in the bus, recounted the incident, stating that the Benz owner aggressively broke through the bus’s closed window to physically assault the BRT driver.

According to Azaria, the male passengers on the bus intervened, dragged the Benz driver into the BRT, and subjected him to a merciless beating.

Violent Altercation Over Minor Scratch

The altercation reportedly began when the BRT driver accidentally scratched the side of the Mercedes Benz.

Witnesses claim that the Benz owner, in a fit of anger, exited his car and punched the BRT driver’s face through the closed window.

The passengers inside the bus shouted for the confrontation to stop and demanded access to the BRT bus to defend the driver.

Lasting Impact of the Assault

The Benz owner was forcefully pulled into the BRT bus by the passengers, who continued to beat and punch him. Last-Mile Bus Service (LASTMA) officials intervened to prevent further harm to the Benz owner.

Surprisingly, it was later revealed that the alleged scratch on the Benz was minimal, sparking confusion among witnesses.

Video Captures Intensity of the Confrontation

The intense confrontation was captured on video by multiple witnesses who recorded the incident, anticipating further action against the Benz owner.

The footage revealed the extent of the assault on the BRT driver, raising questions about the appropriate response to a minor traffic incident.

Explanation and Resolution

The Benz owner’s wife, present in the car during the incident, later explained that the altercation escalated because the BRT driver failed to apologize for the scratch.

However, the severity of the assault sparked public condemnation, with many expressing shock at the extreme reaction to a minor traffic incident.

Late Night Drama and Aftermath

The incident unfolded late into the night, causing disruptions and drawing the attention of passersby.

The driver, the car owner, and all involved parties were eventually taken to Yaba, underscoring the serious consequences of the violent clash in Lagos traffic.

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