Tragic Death in Spain Raises Concerns Over Nolotil – Expatriate Dies After Allergic Reaction

Tragic Death in Spain Raises Concerns Over Nolotil – Expatriate Dies After Allergic Reaction

Painkiller Tragedy:

In a tragic incident in Alicante, Spain, a 42-year-old British expatriate, Mark Brooks, passed away after receiving the painkiller Nolotil.

Brooks, a father-of-one, had initially complained of shoulder pain while playing golf near his home.

This alarming event has once again drawn attention to the controversial painkiller, which is banned in the UK.

Timeline of Events:

Mr. Brooks sought medical assistance at a local health clinic on the Costa Blanca, where he was administered Nolotil, also known as metamizole.

Approximately 48 hours later, he was urgently admitted to Torrevieja hospital.

Doctors diagnosed him with depleted white blood cells and sepsis, a life-threatening condition.

The sequence of events leading to his death unfolded within a span of four days, leaving his family in shock and disbelief.

Adverse Reaction to Nolotil:

Following the injection of Nolotil, Mr. Brooks reportedly developed a rash and blisters.

Upon reaching the emergency room, medical professionals discovered a low white blood cell count.

His deteriorating condition prompted intensive care admission, but despite medical efforts, he succumbed to organ failure.

International Concerns and Previous Incidents:

The tragedy underscores the growing concerns associated with Nolotil in Spain.

The painkiller has been linked to more than 40 deaths in the country, particularly among expatriates.

Additionally, it is implicated in around 350 cases of agranulocytosis, a severe neutropenia condition marked by a significant decrease in white blood cell levels.

There is a suggestion that Britons may be disproportionately affected by this rare reaction to metamizole.

Campaign for Awareness:

Summer Moses, the partner of the deceased, has joined the Association of Drug Affected Patients (ADAF) in seeking answers.

Documents uncovered with ADAF’s assistance pointed towards “an apparent allergic reaction to metamizole” as the cause of Mr. Brooks’ death.

Anti-Nolotil campaigner Christina del Campo expressed the devastating impact on the lives of the affected families and emphasized the urgency of addressing this public health issue.

Manufacturer’s Response:

Boehringer Ingelheim, the manufacturer of Nolotil, is yet to respond to inquiries regarding these concerning incidents.

As the tragic consequences of Nolotil use continue to surface, there is a pressing need for thorough investigations, heightened awareness, and international cooperation to ensure the safety of individuals relying on pain medication.


The death of Mark Brooks highlights the critical importance of scrutinizing the safety of pharmaceuticals, especially when they lead to severe adverse reactions.

The broader impact on families, as in the case of Summer Moses left to raise their daughter alone, underscores the urgency for regulatory intervention and transparency in medication usage.

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