Tourists Risk Lives for Selfies: Reckless Behavior at Crumbling Broadchurch Cliffs

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Tourists Risk Lives by Taking Selfies on Crumbling Broadchurch Cliffs


Photographer Calls for Closure of East Beach to Prevent Tragedies

In a reckless display, two young tourists ignored warning signs and posed for selfies dangerously close to the crumbling Broadchurch cliffs, just two weeks after a significant rockfall occurred.

Despite the potential dangers, the duo disregarded the signs and stood on a ledge where the 150ft sandstone cliff at West Bay in Dorset is experiencing erosion, all to capture a picturesque sunset on a warm Sunday evening.

Drone photographs vividly capture the portion of the clifftop that has slumped by approximately 4ft, raising concerns that a rockfall could happen at any moment.

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These images were taken at West Bay, the real-life location featured in the ITV crime drama Broadchurch, which attracts thousands of tourists to its cliffs.

This incident follows a recent rockfall on May 21, when hundreds of tons of rock abruptly collapsed onto the beach.


Emergency services were swiftly deployed amid fears that members of the public might have been caught beneath the rubble.

Fortunately, no casualties were reported. The rockfall was attributed to heavy rainfall in the days prior.

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Daryl Gill, a drone photographer who captured the alarming images, is advocating for the closure of East Beach to the public due to the life-threatening nature of the 185 million-year-old Jurassic Coast cliffs.

He emphasizes the importance of understanding that these cliffs could collapse at any moment.

Gill suggests the possibility of additional signage beyond the coast path, but ultimately believes that closing the beach would be the most effective measure.

Although the coast path remains unaffected by the recent rockfall, the beach is currently inaccessible, and closure signs have been erected.

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Holidaymakers are being cautioned to exercise common sense and caution.

Gavin Ball, who happened to walk in front of the cliffs moments before they collapsed two weeks ago, describes the terrifying experience.


He recalls being on West Cliff, admiring the sunset when a thunderous sound signaled the rapid collapse of the cliffs.

The suddenness of the event left no chance for escape, making it a truly horrific ordeal.

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