Shocking Indifference: Onlookers Watch Drowning Man in York, Some Take Selfies

Shocking Indifference

In a startling incident in York, a man plunged into the River Ouse near the Ouse Bridge and struggled for his life. What’s even more shocking is that bystanders not only failed to help but some reportedly took selfies as he screamed for assistance.

The Disturbing Incident

The incident took place on a Thursday afternoon behind the Radisson hotel near the Ouse Bridge. The man, yet to be identified, fell into the freezing waters of the River Ouse.

Spectators Ignoring Pleas for Help

While the man was clearly in peril and cried out for assistance, the people who had gathered to watch made no attempt to rescue him. Unconfirmed reports even suggest that some took selfies instead of helping.

Rescue Efforts Lacking

Despite the presence of two life rings within close proximity to the scene, no one took action to assist the struggling man.

This lack of response from onlookers raises serious concerns about the bystander effect.

Police and Emergency Response

North Yorkshire Police eventually arrived at the scene and threw a life ring into the river to aid the man in staying afloat.

He was later brought to shore, received first aid from paramedics, and is now recovering in the hospital.

Police Express Concern

North Yorkshire Police expressed their concern about the situation, emphasizing that crowds gathered without attempting to provide help.

The force shared the incident on social media, highlighting the absence of any apparent effort to throw the man a life ring.

Importance of Floatation Devices

Following this incident, the North Yorkshire Fire Service has released a video on how to use a life ring, urging the public to watch it.

Police Sergeant Toby Gorwood emphasized the significance of knowing the locations of life rings along local rivers and the importance of using floatation devices to assist those in trouble.

Promoting Safety Along Waterways

North Yorkshire Police and the fire service reminded the public that life rings and other floatation devices are available at regular intervals along the River Ouse and other waterways.

It’s essential for individuals to be aware of these resources and to use them effectively in case of emergencies.

Caution Against Risky Rescues

While it’s crucial to assist those in need, individuals should avoid jumping into the water, as it can put their lives at risk. The use of sticks, scarves, and other items of clothing for rescue attempts is encouraged to minimize danger.

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