Activists in Canary Islands Set to Launch Hunger Strike Against Over-Tourism: Demand Government Action

Activists in Canary Islands Set to Launch Hunger Strike Against Over-Tourism: Demand Government Action

In a bid to address the escalating issue of over-tourism in the Canary Islands, activists are preparing to launch a hunger strike and stage mass protests.

The ‘Canarias se exhausta’ movement has issued an ultimatum to the Canary government, threatening to commence a hunger strike on April 11 unless construction on two new tourist attractions is halted within the next ten days.

The activists demand urgent solutions from the government and criticize what they perceive as empty promises, urging definitive action to cease construction at Hotel La Tejita and Cuna del Alma in Puertito de Adeje.

Mass Protests Planned

Following the hunger strike ultimatum, a broader protest is scheduled for April 20, with demonstrators expected to gather across Tenerife and four other Canary Islands – Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, and La Palma.

The planned protests aim to highlight the detrimental effects of excessive tourism on the islands and underscore the urgent need for intervention from the authorities.

Warnings and Manifesto

Activists have issued stark warnings, holding the government accountable for the potential consequences of their hunger strike. They emphasize the risks posed to both current and future generations by the government’s inaction regarding over-tourism.

The movement’s manifesto condemns the government’s negligence and asserts the collective voice of Canary Islanders in demanding immediate action to address the tourism crisis.

Concerns Over Tourism Impact

While the activists emphasize that they are not opposed to tourism itself, they express deep concerns over the negative impacts of excessive tourist numbers on the islands’ environment and communities.

Under the banner of ‘The Canary Islands have a limit,’ demonstrators seek to draw attention to the strain placed on local infrastructure, housing, and natural resources by the influx of tourists.

Backlash Against Tourist Behavior

The growing resentment towards tourism is evident in recent incidents, including anti-tourist graffiti and tensions between locals and visitors.

Residents voice frustrations over the perceived lack of respect from tourists, citing issues such as noise pollution, littering, and overcrowding.

Calls for stricter regulations, including a tourist moratorium and tougher property ownership controls, reflect mounting concerns over the sustainability of the tourism industry.

Diverse Perspectives and Responses

Amidst the rising anti-tourism sentiment, there is a diversity of opinions among locals, expatriates, and tourists.

While some acknowledge the economic benefits of tourism and defend its importance to the local economy, others highlight the social and environmental consequences of unchecked tourism growth.

The tensions underscore the need for constructive dialogue and comprehensive solutions to address the complex challenges posed by tourism in the Canary Islands.

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