Top 6 Reasons to Move your Websites to Amazon Web Services in 2023

With the future looking quite uncertain, businesses must have a trustworthy online infrastructure. Ease of use and accessibility are a must-have in the present online landscape that keeps changing quickly. If done successfully, cloud migrations can be one of the most affordable and easiest ways to ensure the complete safety of a business’s valuable data. Of course, different companies can assist you in this endeavour, but top-quality cloud hosting only comes from Amazon Web Services.

With more than 200 wholly realized solutions and a massive customer base, AWS is a mature podium to help you with critical workloads in the cloud. The platform offers some of the most excellent features to enhance the proficiencies of different business procedures. When you move your websites to AWS, you benefit from scalable computing potential, huge data storage, and exceptional content delivery. Millions of businesses have already adopted Amazon Web Services worldwide for website management on mobile and applications and even on eCommerce systems. Here are the top 6 reasons why you must consider moving your sites to AWS:

  1. Highly Affordable

The pay-as-you-go price model makes AWS highly accessible and helps businesses make major and minor tweaks to fit their shifting requirements. With AWS, you only need to pay for the resources you use. And with the availability of more than 200 varied cloud services, AWS allows businesses to choose the right tools to fit their needs without paying for those they do not use. This further reduces the chances of new deployments by cutting huge upfront investments in tools and installations.

Besides the pay-as-you-go model, Amazon Web Services offer different strategies to make savings. Businesses can use instance reservations and start/stop strategies to save on computing charges. You can understand this with an example. Suppose an instance runs for 8 hours every day and is stopped for the other 16 hours; you will be charged computing costs for just the 8 hours of operation.

AWS also features a solid Free Tier where once a user creates an account, they instantly have access to a specified free tier spending on 60 AWS solutions, and that too completely free of cost. This is an excellent way to use AWS while minimizing expensive upfront investments and risks.

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  1. Wide Assortment of Services

With AWS, businesses can get a wide assortment of services not available with any other cloud provider. AWS features some of the best infrastructure tools, such as storage, computing technologies, and databases. The platform also offers developer tools, media services, and application integration that helps businesses operate their sites on the cloud most efficiently and productively.

And with AWS, you get the broadest range of services and even the best-in-class versions of those services. A prime example of this includes AWS database solutions, where you can find different varieties of databases designed explicitly for varied applications. With such a huge choice available, it becomes convenient for businesses to select the right tools for their job.

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  1. Highly Advanced Security

AWS uses hands-on, top-quality security measures to ensure that a site’s business data remains protected. With AWS, you have complete control of the data on your site, and your information remains safe. This happens through constant monitoring and the use of access or identity controls. Briefly speaking, you can choose who can go through the data on your site and when they can do so.

While you remain the sole controller of conventional yet critical security features, like network security, IAM, and security monitoring, AWS’s automated security measures free up your in-house team and offer complete peace of mind without added time investment or hassle. AWS even partners with leading security consulting and technology companies to promote and prioritize its security. And even with its 100% unmatched security services, AWS conducts regular evaluations of the same to check for imperfections and cracks.

So, you can easily delegate several security responsibilities at your site hosting layer to Amazon Web Services so you can entirely focus on safeguarding hosted workloads.

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  1. Complete Flexibility

The platform’s flexible design makes collaboration with other programs and applications a breeze. AWS lets you choose your preferred programming language, database, and operating system, resulting in the heightened customization of your business website. With AWS, you get the toolsets to streamline data migration while also having the flexibility to make new improvements or go for application transitions.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Around 76% of the companies worldwide have already used AWS solutions at least once during their operations. Boasting more than a million active users in over 190 countries, moving your websites to AWS would help you leverage the benefits of a superior hosting platform.

On that note, businesses of all sizes and shapes depend on AWS as their cloud hosting platform, including the world’s largest government agencies and entertainment companies. Ultimate customer satisfaction results from AWS make it a platform of choice for businesses that have still not moved their websites to cloud hosting platforms.

  1. Great Website Performance and Speed

The present IT industry is a rapidly evolving world of innovation and adaptation. With modern technologies and tools released daily, making them available to teams has become a top priority for businesses. While on-premise resources may take several weeks to implement because of long hardware procurement procedures, Amazon Web Services will let you use new IT solutions within minutes. AWS also offers several tools to enhance the availability and performance of your business site. Access to high-availability data storage solutions and tools like load balancing and auto-scaling can help you meet your website’s storage requirements. This way, you can remain right on top of your competitors.

Wrapping Up

Designed on a strong foundation, AWS is here to stay. Packed with industry-leading solutions, the reach of this platform spans the entire world. Each year, AWS is constantly working on solidifying itself as a must for businesses of all sizes and shapes. So, it is the perfect time to move your websites to Amazon Web Services.

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