Can I Find the Vehicle Owner Just by License Plate?

Introduction Part 

In most scenarios, you need to know the owner of a vehicle. Some scenarios include hit and run, accidents, badly driven vehicles, stolen vehicles, etc. Failing to do so will put you at risk.

Sometimes you want to confirm the details when you are on edge about buying a particular vehicle. Purchasing with knowing more about the ownership and another point on the specific vehicle will lead to positive consequences. 

To get on track, you need the license plate number. Suppose you caught sight of the vehicle’s license plate in the scenarios mentioned above. There is good news; you can trace out the owner. To facilitate the process, you need a tool to help you accomplish this task.

Stay relaxed. This article will lead you to find the owner through the license plate, VIN, etc. Sounds great? Stick to this article and continue reading to see more!

Part 1: Can I Find a Vehicle Owner by License Plate?

Yes, you can locate a specific vehicle’s owner directly through the license plate. You need access to the tool and license plate number to do this. The free license plate lookup tool at VinPit is the best tool in the market. Before beginning the person of tracing the owner, you need to make sure that you have the following:

  • An authentic, official URL of the VinPit (license plate lookup tool)
  • Connectivity to the network connection with constant speed
  • Access to a device like PC, tablet, laptop, or a mobile phone
  • Search engine like google chrome, Microsoft edge, Mozilla, etc., make sure it offers compatibility with the URL

The actual process of tracing out the owner of the vehicle by using the license plate is as follows:

  1. Visit the main URL of the VinPit using a compatible browser. Ensure you are accessing the license plate lookup section of the VinPit. The reason is it also offers VIN lookup services. 
  2. After visiting the official URL go to the search section located just above the vehicle, as shown in the image. Enter the license plate number.
  3. After clicking on the tab featuring the text “start search.” Within a few minutes, you will have your report containing details on the owner.

Part 2: Can I Find a Vehicle Owner by VIN? 

No option does not exist to trace out the owner using the vehicle VIN. VIN has a name or popularly refers to a Vehicle Identification Number. It does not offer any information regarding the vehicle owner. You can define the VIN as a 17-character code that helps you get insights on every single point of the vehicle. 

The information that a VIN lookup offers includes the following:

  • Details on the ownership record of the vehicle
  • If the vehicle has faced some theft or an accident in the past
  • You can get information on every single specification of a vehicle 
  • What past maintenance requirements does the car entitled to, and what repairs are done, if any
  • You can retrieve the data on safety recall; this will help you maintain your vehicle in the long run
  • Information on mileage and fuel efficiency is another perk of looking up the VIN. This info depicts the real-time market value of the vehicle.
  • You will get the vehicle’s make, year, and model. The VIN lookup allows you to pull the curtain behind the valuable information that most people hide.

The only way to get details regarding vehicle owners is through the license plate lookup through VinPit. 

Part 3: What You Can Know After Lookup A License Plate? 

The best thing about the license plate lookup through VinPit is that it offers you a plethora of information. What’s more, the information you will get is beneficial. You will get information on the following aspects:

  • An in-depth description of a particular vehicle. If the license is of the specific vehicle or not
  • The right size of the engine of a particular vehicle
  • Engine efficiency. Knowing the engine’s efficiency will help you save many costs in the long run.
  • You can get to know details on the damage that occur naturally as well as record accidents
  • The option exists to retrieve the history of the driver regarding criminal data if any
  • The information on How far a vehicle has driven since it came first on the road
  • The detail on repossessions by multiple owners. This is true when the car has faced frequent purchases or sales.
  • You can get the existing owner information, and an option exists to retrieve the information on the address of the owner
  • The license plate lookup offers you in detail information about the insurance of the vehicle

Keep in mind if you perform a check on the license plate without any valid cause or for personal sake. Then doing so will put you to a criminal trial.

Part 4: How Can I Find the Owner of a License Plate? 

Several ways exist to accomplish the owner tracing task through the license plate. Some of the key ways that you can follow are


The term DMV refers to the Department of motor vehicles. This department holds essential information regarding all vehicles in a particular state or county. To do a license plate lookup, you need to access the main webpage of the local DMV department. After this, you need to locate the license plate inquiry section. Some DMVs require additional fees or application requests to access the license plate checkup service.

Online Databases

The online databases refer to the private or public agencies that offer means to access the license lookup. These databases charge a minimum fee to get the vehicle details in front of you. But VinPit is the best among them, and you don’t need to pay a single penny to retrieve their database. 

Private Detective

You can also accomplish the task of license plate lookup with the help of a detective. They have legal authorization to access or cross-check the data on any vehicle. Doing so will not put them to a criminal trial or a penalty. If you have a strong link with the detective, you can complete this task free of cost.


Retrieving the details on the vehicle owner is essential by just with the license plate of a vehicle. Most of the time, a person within a vehicle is unrecognizable because of the vehicle cover. The license plate lookup removes all these covers instantly.

License plate lookup can decrease crime, accidents, and vehicle theft. Check your vehicle license plate today by following any of the above means for a noble cause. If you want to discuss license plate lookup further, ping us or reach out through the comment section. We offer 24/7 assistance to solve your issues regarding license plate lookup.

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