Top 5 NFT Celebrity Whales that you need to follow

Top 5 NFT Celebrity Whales that you need to follow

The world is beginning to come to grips with the fact that NFTs are here to stay, which have not only yielded significant benefits for the users but have also been highly reliable. No matter what the background of the users may be, be it well-established celebrities, crypto experts, artists, tech innovators, or sports icons, everyone is attempting to board the NFT bandwagon lately.


Moreover, they have a decent reason to do so as well, which will be highlighted by this article. Here is a list of the top 5 celebrities that remain in the mainstream media for their active involvement in NFTs.


#1 Jake Paul 


Jake Paul has undeniably become a household name in the last couple of years who has not only established himself as a widely renowned Youtuber but also competes in professional boxing. He has become one of the highest-paid Vloggers, and his net worth is estimated to be nearly around $30 million. Moreover, his annual income also seems to not get tired of having extra zeroes in the overall estimation, which is approximately around $10 to $20 million.


Jake Paul remains in the spotlight for a lot of controversial reasons, but his latest fight against Ben Askren was featured as NFT. There have been numerous Jake Paul fights that have recently been tokenized. The rise of NFT sales can be attributed to Jake’s active and unrelenting involvement in this particular segment for quite a few years. Hence, you should stick around Jake Paul to learn a thing or two about NFTs from him.


#2 Jordan Belfort 


Jordan Belfort seems to have developed a knack for NFTs as his conversations continue to be filled with the immense possibilities that NFTs usher in. He recently purchased Crypto Punk and Humanoid, which have boosted the number of followers on Twitter. He has garnered a subscriber base of 600k on Twitter which continues to expand as much as his NFT endeavors.


Currently, his NFT portfolio has been estimated to be around 600k dollars. Jordan remains quite active on social media platforms, where he expresses his unfiltered opinions on the recent developments around cryptocurrency. So, he is yet another celebrity that you might want to be on the lookout for as far as NFTs are concerned.


#3 Ben Philips 


Yet another prominent & well-established Youtube who took the level of pranks to a whole new level. He has garnered an incredible swarm of subscribers across Youtube, which currently stands at 4.6 million. In addition to this, he also has a robust fanbase of 7,00,000 Twitter followers and 1.8 Million Instagram followers. His dedicated tweets on NFTs attract a lot of attention from all directions and also highlights his inclination toward the crypto industry quite overtly.


His NFT collection is worth admiring, and he own two separate accounts on a prominent platform called “OpenSea.” He has a wide collection of 70 NFTs on this particular platform, and some of his main collections include Lazy Lions, Humanoids, Moondog, Mooncat & Kaiju Kingz.


#4 Mike Shinoda 


Mike Shinoda is an American musician who also performs as a visual artist and has displayed his interest in NFTs on several occasions. He remains quite proactive on Twitter and promotes NFTs quite admirably. Mike Shinoda is the co-founder of the ultra-famous music band Linkin Park. His inclination toward NFTs escalated when they were in their initial stages of development and had already yielded significant benefits for users worldwide.


Mike also created some significant NFTs during the pandemic and even doled some out without any cost. Needless to say that Mike has made promising sales through the collection of all the NFTs at his disposal.


#5 Oli White 


Oli White is an incredibly tech-savvy personality who also works as an established Youtuber. But, Oli started to make significant headlines in the crypto space, and he has invested a substantial portion of his revenue in this space. Oli has also garnered a substantial fanbase on Twitter which has crossed the 1 million mark, which also came from his impeccable collection of NFTs.