10 Ways to Find the Best Chatbots for Your Business

10 Ways to Find the Best Chatbots for Your Business

The best chatbot can provide the best customer experience that generates a response rate of up to  90%. Online chatbots are computer programs that simulate written or spoken human conversations in your business. 

This makes it easy for customers to interact with a chatbot the same way they interact with human agents. For example, a Shopify chatbot on an e-commerce platform can deliver personal and real-time responses to customers’ questions.  Chatbots respond to these questions in a timely manner.

These are some of the benefits of using AI chatbots on your digital platforms. Here’s what you should consider when getting the most suitable chatbot for your business.

1. Consider your business size and needs

Business size and needs determine the type of online chatbot that is suitable for your company. Choose a chatbot that matches your business requirements. 

Some businesses sell few products and services and may require a rule-based chatbot. This is because they may not receive as many support requests. 

Other businesses may need a more sophisticated chatbot that uses AI. Companies that have many products and services can invest in an AI chatbot. 

The first step is learning about Shopify chatbot. Understand how it provides real-time order status, checks inventory, and automates returns to improve sales. AI chatbots act like sales agents too. The bot greets the consumers in a retail store and gets information quick and fast.

2. Chatbot integration 

The e-commerce chatbot you select should seamlessly integrate with other systems in your business. For example, an AI chatbot should integrate with inventory management software to check the availability of products. 

Integration ensures that software is not working in isolation and information can be easily shared with system users. 

When a Shopify chatbot works together with CRM, it provides helpful information that you can use to enhance the customer experience.

3. Chatbot personalization

A personalized chatbot will provide tailored answers to a user’s questions. For example, during a chat session, a consumer is likely to find the help they need from a personalized e-commerce chatbot. 

This is because AI chatbots use machine learning capabilities to offer customer-tailored services. It is possible for an online chatbot to recommend a specific product based on a customer’s previous shopping habits. 

These are products similar to what a customer buys or other similar products. This way, your business offers a personalized customer experience and encourages your customers to return and buy more.

4. AI chatbot training needs

Consider the training needs of an AI chatbot at the beginning and in the process of using the bot. Before you start using the AI for your Shopify chat, you need to ensure it can satisfactorily handle customers’ inquiries. 

You may want to train the bot on how to welcome customers, provide support and gather information. An e-commerce chatbot may need training when you add new products, services, or policies to your Shopify store.

5. Consider the data a chatbot collects

It is important to make sure you can measure your chatbot’s impact on the business. Select chatbots that provide access to analytics data. 

Analytics can provide important information about conversations between an AI chatbot and customers. Such information enables you to measure your chatbot effectiveness. Also, you can turn the data chatbots collect into future leads for potential sales.

Moreso, you can determine whether the AI addresses customers’ pain points and make necessary changes. Without access to such analytics, you will be unable to determine your online chatbot’s value to your business.

6. Determine a chatbot’s ability to support multiple channels

Many businesses are using different platforms to reach their customers. Customers expect to receive quality services on all these digital platforms. That’s why it’s essential to select the same chatbot app for your website and other digital channels. 

For example, you can use Shopify bots for your mobile app, social media like live chat for Shopify, and voice channel. Your customers can have the best customer experience across all your digital platforms.

Providing a holistic customer experience for your brand creates customer loyalty and increases sales.

7. Check chatbot speech support

The best AI chatbot can understand customer intent and provide relevant answers to inquiries. This means the speech of the bot should have the right tone of voice to represent your brand. 

Make sure your AI chatbot is in sync with the brand’s aesthetics. Modify the bot’s language and tone to match your brand’s voice. The tone and language should not use many jargons or slang words to avoid customer confusion. 

When a bot uses many jargons or slang words can sound unnatural or culturally insensitive. Instead, the language and tone of voice should match specific target audiences and products.

8. Industry experience

Choosing a chatbot that has industry experience can help you avoid situations where the bot cannot answer customer questions. Engage with experts who have experience and knowledge in your business field. 

Such experts can help make your e-commerce chatbot’s interaction with customers smooth and seamless. They use the right technology that has substantial niche knowledge and experience. And these chatbots provide speed in service delivery, scalability and flexibility.

9. A chatbot that knows when to interact with customers

An intelligent chatbot understands when to interact with customers. The bot engages with customers when they are stuck and need help. 

Otherwise, when customers browse a site smoothly, the online chatbot does not interrupt. This provides customers with the best shopping experience and encourages them to return. 

10. Chatbot pricing

AI chatbot prices depend on their various models. For example, the number of AI chatbot users can determine the price of a particular bot. Some chatbots also have extra features, and these added features increase their prices.

When choosing a bot for your business, determine whether you need extra features like form integration or routing. This will help you align your budget to your needs.

Key takeaways

Customers expect the best services that encourage them to buy and return next time. Meeting customer expectations is an essential part of growing your business. This is because of the personalized and real-time responses they receive from bots.

Chatbot apps provide the same excellent customer experience across different digital channels. This increases trust and when customers trust your brand, they become loyal. 

It is also important to choose chatbots that provide analytics you can use not just to evaluate a bot’s performance but also provide you with future leads to grow your Shopify business.

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