Court Unveils ‘Alibi Scripts’ in Trial of Michelle Troconis, Accused of Aiding Boyfriend Fotis Dulos in Jennifer Dulos’ Disappearance

Court Unveils ‘Alibi Scripts’ in Trial of Michelle Troconis, Accused of Aiding Boyfriend Fotis Dulos in Jennifer Dulos’ Disappearance

Details of Troconis’ Alibi Note:

In a pivotal moment during the trial of Michelle Troconis, accused of aiding her late boyfriend Fotis Dulos in concealing the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, handwritten ‘alibi scripts’ emerged in court.

The notes detailed Troconis’ movements on the day Jennifer went missing, with prosecutors asserting that they were crafted to create a false alibi for the accused couple.

Michelle Troconis, currently on trial for allegedly assisting Fotis Dulos in covering up Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance, began her day on May 24, 2019, according to a note presented in court.

The note claimed she took a shower with Fotis at 6.40 am, shortly before Jennifer’s brutal attack in her New Canaan home.

Fotis Dulos is accused of carrying out the attack, and Troconis faces charges related to the disposal of evidence.

Prosecution’s Allegations and Jurors’ Viewing:

On the ninth day of the trial at Stamford Superior Court, three handwritten notes, believed to be jointly written by Fotis and Troconis, were revealed.

Former Connecticut State Police Detective Matthew Reilly read the notes to the court, emphasizing the alleged creation of false alibis.

While prosecutors argue that the couple collaborated on the notes to establish an alibi, Troconis’ lawyer objected to the term ‘alibi scripts.’

Luminol Tests and Detective’s Testimony:

Detective Reilly detailed evidence related to Jennifer’s Chevy Suburban, which prosecutors claim Fotis used to transport her body. Luminol tests on the vehicle’s trunk indicated the presence of a ‘blood-like substance.’

The detective confirmed positive results and discussed additional luminol tests on alleged bloodstains in Jennifer’s kitchen.

Troconis’ lawyer attempted to challenge the credibility of luminol tests, but Judge Kevin Randolph deemed the evidence admissible.

Heartbreaking Testimony and Family Statement:

Carrie Luft, a friend of Jennifer Dulos, provided a heart-wrenching statement about witnessing Jennifer’s blood-soaked clothing.

She expressed gratitude to the prosecution for meticulously presenting evidence and emphasized the hope for justice.

The statement aimed to dispel any notion that Jennifer is merely missing, asserting her tragic death and the profound impact on her family.

Bloodied Items Found and Prosecution’s Claims:

Jurors were shown blood-soaked items recovered from garbage cans on Albany Avenue in Hartford, six days after Jennifer’s disappearance.

Items, including a bra, towel, zip ties, and a razor, were stained with a ‘blood-like substance.’ Prosecutors claimed Fotis and Troconis discarded 30 bags of items, with Jennifer’s blood detected on some objects.

The trial, now on its eighth day, has showcased numerous blood-stained items linked to the case.

Insights from the Family Nanny and Text Messages:

Lauren Almeida, the Dulos family nanny, provided insights into the Dulos family dynamics, detailing Jennifer’s discovery of Fotis’ affair with Troconis.

Almeida described Fotis’ intimidating behavior and Jennifer’s decision to flee and file for divorce.

The nanny also highlighted chilling signs in Jennifer’s home on the day of her disappearance. Jurors were shown text messages from Fotis to Almeida seeking updates on Jennifer’s disappearance, raising suspicions about Fotis’ involvement.

Ongoing Trial and Familial Support:

The trial, expected to continue for six weeks, has unfolded with emotional testimonies and a display of evidence.

Troconis’ sister Claudia, supported by their parents, made an emotional statement outside the courthouse, asserting Michelle’s innocence.

The case, involving the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, whose body was never found, continues to captivate attention as it navigates intricate details and complex legal arguments.**

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