Toke Makinwa’s Candid Revelation: Estranged Husband’s Infidelity Shattered Her During Pregnancy

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. Toke Makinwa, a well-known Nollywood actress and media personality, shared her profound devastation upon learning that her estranged husband, Maje Ayida, had impregnated his ex-girlfriend.


In a recent episode of her YouTube vlog series, Toke Moments, she revealed that she discovered this shocking news when she was already nine months pregnant.

Coping with emotional turmoil and finding solace in work

Following the revelation of her husband’s infidelity, Toke Makinwa opened up about the emotional toll it took on her.

She expressed how shattered she felt but credited her ability to navigate her work amidst the turbulent incident to her earlier acquired skill of leaving her emotions at the door and picking them up on her way home.

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Despite the heartbreak, she found comfort and solace in her career.

A supportive work environment

Toke recounted a specific incident that highlighted the support she received at work during this challenging period.

One morning, after arriving at her workplace, she received a call from the owner of a radio station where she had previously worked during the turmoil of her marriage.


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She shared that everyone believed she would be unable to cope and had been granted the day off.

This gesture demonstrated the understanding and compassion she received from her colleagues.

Toke’s appearance on “Toke Moments”

In a significant moment, Toke Makinwa appeared as a guest on her own popular show, “Toke Moments,” for the first time.

The interview was conducted by Jeffrey Isesele, a marketing professional who hosted the show that day.

During the interview, Toke discussed various aspects of her life, including her experiences being interviewed, her public persona, and much more.

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Toke Makinwa’s recent episode of her YouTube vlog, Toke Moments, provided a platform for her to share her personal journey of devastation and resilience.

From discovering her husband’s infidelity while being nine months pregnant to finding solace in her work, Toke’s story serves as an inspiration to many.

Additionally, her appearance on her own show, interviewed by Jeffrey Isesele, allowed for a deeper exploration of her experiences and perspectives.


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