Timothy Hay For Small Animals

Timothy hay is a natural grass hay that plays a vital role in the diet of numerous small animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and hamsters. It provides them with essential nutrients and promotes various health benefits, making it a crucial part of their daily food intake. 


Unlike other types of hay, forage from top Timothy hay suppliers offers specific nutritional properties that support the digestive system, dental health, and overall well-being of these furry companions. 

Benefits of Timothy for Pet animals

Timothy hay is an essential source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are important in maintaining the overall health of small animals. This crucial component of the diet for small animals, especially rabbits, offers various health benefits, including:

Digestive Health: 

One of the primary benefits of timothy hay is its high fiber content, an essential component for the proper functioning of the digestive system in small animals. Fiber helps prevent gastrointestinal stasis, a common issue in rabbits, by promoting regular bowel movements and preventing the buildup of hair and other indigestible materials in the digestive tract.

Dental Health: 

Chewing on hay helps wear down the constantly growing teeth of small animals. Dental problems are common in herbivores, and gnawing on timothy hay not only provides dental stimulation but also helps prevent overgrown teeth, which can lead to severe health issues.

Overall Health Support: 

Timothy hay is rich in nutrients like vitamins and minerals such as calcium. It supports overall health, including fur quality, immune function, and energy levels. Calcium is crucial for bone health and can contribute to preventing conditions like osteoporosis in small animals. The balanced nutritional profile ensures that pet animals receive the necessary elements for optimal well-being.

Weight Management: 

For animals prone to obesity, such as guinea pigs, offering timothy hay can help in weight management. It provides a low-calorie option and promotes a feeling of fullness due to high-fiber content, contributing to a healthy weight and preventing overeating.

Promotes Natural Foraging Behavior: 

Beyond its nutritional benefits, timothy hay serves as a form of environmental enrichment for small animals. It encourages natural foraging and chewing behaviors, preventing boredom and associated behavioral issues. This is especially crucial for the mental well-being and happiness of pet animals.

Quantity Intake 

The general recommended amount of Timothy hay for some pet animals:

  • Rabbits:

Rabbits should have unlimited access to Timothy hay. It should make up the majority of their diet, around 70-80%. This ensures they get enough fiber to support proper digestion and dental health.

  • Guinea Pigs:

Guinea pigs, like rabbits, require a constant supply of Timothy hay. It should constitute the majority of their diet, approximately 80%. The high fiber content retained in these products from top suppliers like Maple Gems is essential for their sensitive digestive systems.

  • Chinchillas:

Chinchillas, being herbivores, thrive on a diet high in fiber. Timothy hay is a primary component, constituting around 75-80% of their daily food intake. It helps maintain their dental health and prevents digestive issues.

  • Hamsters and Gerbils:

While hamsters and gerbils primarily consume pelleted food, Timothy hay bales can be offered in moderate amounts as a supplement. It provides extra fiber and encourages natural foraging behavior.

Timothy is better than other Hay varieties for Small Animals

Timothy is considered better than other hay varieties like alfalfa and orchard grass due to its nutritional profile. It is lower in protein compared to legumes like alfalfa. This makes it ideal for adult rabbits and guinea pigs who are susceptible to urinary tract problems. Its higher fiber content than others maintains healthy digestion and prevents constipation in small animals.

Also, its soft and pliable texture makes it easy for small animals to chew and digest.


Timothy hay is an important component of the diet for small herbivorous animals. Its high fiber content, essential nutrients, and unique properties make it crucial for promoting digestive health, dental well-being, and overall physical and mental health. Providing your furry friend with a fresh supply of high-quality forage can help them thrive and enjoy a long and healthy life.

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