Outrage on Twitter as RCCG Deletes Video of Pastor Adeboye’s Unusual Prophecy on Church Members

Outrage on Twitter as RCCG Deletes Video of Pastor Adeboye’s Unusual Prophecy on Church Members

Internet Backlash Over Deleted Prophecy Video by Pastor Adeboye of RCCG

A video featuring Pastor E. A. Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has sparked controversy on social media, leading to criticism of the church’s Twitter account for promptly removing the footage.

The video captures Pastor Adeboye delivering a prophecy that has drawn the ire of Nigerians online.

Renowned Pastor Faces Criticism for Unusual 2024 Prophecy

Pastor Adeboye, a highly recognized and affluent figure in Nigeria’s religious landscape, is under scrutiny as netizens express disapproval following the release of a prophecy video.

The controversial prophecy involves a declaration that members of the RCCG, along with their coworkers, friends, and family, would come seeking food and refreshments in 2024.

Video Content Prompts Swift Deletion by RCCG Twitter Account

Nigerians on Twitter have taken issue with the rapid deletion of the video by the official RCCG church Twitter account.

The footage captures Pastor Adeboye praying for his church members and making prophetic statements about their roles in providing assistance to others, particularly in the aspect of food and refreshments.

Detailed Prophecy Unveiled: RCCG Members to Be “Go-To” People in Families

In the video, Pastor Adeboye extends his prophecy to envision RCCG members as the “go-to” individuals within their families for assistance.

He prays for a scenario where colleagues and family members will turn to them for support. The deleted video has sparked conversations on social media, with users sharing diverse reactions.

Online Reactions Highlight a Range of Responses

Following the controversy, social media users expressed a variety of opinions. Some found humor in the prophecy, imagining scenarios where family members simultaneously become the “go-to” persons.

However, dissenting voices criticized both the prophecy and Christianity, stating their views on the matter.

Twitter Reactions: From Humor to Criticism

The reactions on Twitter were diverse, with users sharing their thoughts on the peculiar prophecy.

Some found amusement in the idea of simultaneous family members being designated as the “go-to” individuals, while others expressed disdain for Pastor Adeboye and questioned the role of religion in societal dynamics.

Unveiling the Twitter Backlash: Dissent, Criticism, and Satirical Remarks
Twitter users took to the platform to voice their opinions on the controversial prophecy.

While some shared humorous takes on potential family dynamics, others expressed dissatisfaction with the perceived absurdity of the prophecy.

The rapid deletion of the video only fueled the online discourse, making it a trending topic on social media.

Controversy Lingers as RCCG Faces Social Media Scrutiny

As the video continues to circulate and draw attention, the controversy surrounding Pastor Adeboye’s prophecy puts the RCCG under the social media microscope.

The church’s decision to swiftly delete the video has amplified discussions on the role of religious leaders and the reactions of their followers in the digital age.