Yorkshire Ripper lamented that his imprisonment at Broadmoor was “absolute hell on earth.”

In an unpublished letter, the Yorkshire Ripper lamented that his imprisonment at Broadmoor was “absolute hell on earth.”Peter Sutcliffe was found guilty of killing 13 women and attempting to kill another 7.A recently discovered letter from April 4, 1990, was written in the hospital in Berkshire.Author: Ryan Prosser 29 August 2023 13:19 Eastern Daylight Time

According to a letter that has been discovered, the Yorkshire Ripper claimed that his stay in prison was “absolute hell on earth.”Peter Sutcliffe, who was found guilty of killing 13 people and attempting to kill seven more, was well known for having no remorse for his horrible deeds.However, a letter from 1990 that was penned from inside Broadmoor Hospital may possibly provide insight into the serial killer’s mindset.I am not the type of person who writes to voyeurs or those who assume I chose to do what I did, reads the letter, which was purchased decades later. Since I didn’t!Because of it, my life was an awful torment. After killing his first victim in 1975, Sutcliffe proceeded on a spree of sex-related assaults over the following five years.

Early in 1981, he was detained and accused with 13 counts of murder. After a two-week trial, he was pronounced guilty on all counts.He had already entered a guilty plea to seven attempted murder charges.Sutcliffe was transported to Broadmoor in March 1984 after receiving 20 concurrent life sentences.’P. Sutcliffe, Crowthorne Hospital’ is listed as the return address on this new letter, which is dated April 4, 1990. Broadmoor is in the Berkshire community of Crowthorne.

The passage continues, “A torment beyond belief and it was a darned relief when it was all over.”Now that’s all there is to say. I’m unable to even consider it, so I don’t.I can only reply, “Thank God I now know the truth and I am not living in a fantasy world.”‘Yours sincerely, Peter’ is written at the bottom.Ben Graves, 32, claims that an antiques dealer sent him the letter last month.There was another typed letter in the bunch as well. ‘Sorry mate, I can’t do that because a miserable creep has made it hard for me to have any trust in anyone I don’t know,’ it says.

“I still have his lying letters and family pictures to show what a two-faced lying troglodyte he is,” the author claimed.The dealer had this letter stashed away in a drawer and he sold it to me, said Ben, a control room operator from Cumbria.It struck me that he seems to regret what he’s done with the crimes because nothing like it has ever been posted online before.Aged 74, Sutcliffe passed away in prison in 2020 due to poor health.Earlier this month, Toby Jones would feature in a seven-part ITV series on the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper.

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