The Role of Analysts Across Industries

The Role of Analysts Across Industries

In recent years, university fees in many countries have steadily increased. Following their undergraduate studies, students can find themselves with large debts. In fact, the average student loan debt in the USA pushes $38,000. 

Unsurprisingly, students are seeking studies that lead to high-paying careers. Degrees in Economics and Finance can give students the necessary skills to perform across a number of roles in several industries. The role of an analyst is one such position as this skillset is highly sought after and plays an increasingly important role in companies. 


A job as an analyst in the gambling sector can be quite varied. Consider a company such as Bwin that offers a wide range of online casino games including slots, blackjack, and online roulette, as well as other products including sports betting and scratch cards. Some analysts within the gambling industry will focus on a user’s interaction with Bwin’s various products and will note trends that may appear. For example, following a fresh advertisement that features a mention of a specific sports betting market, e.g. Wimbledon outright winner odds, Bwin’s Wimbledon betting page may spike in web traffic. This could also lead to an increase in sports betting revenue.

Essentially, most analysts will study the products and the trends, pricing, and statistics behind them which will influence company-wide decision-making. That said, other analysts can be put on projects focusing on the company’s long-term strategy. This position may be less product focused and instead, look at the future of the business and the potential to grow or acquire other firms.

Investment Banking 

Some of the largest companies in the world are in the financial services industry. Although the FTSE 100 has seen some difficulty this year, names such as JP Morgan, the largest company with 8% of the industry, HSBC, and CitiBank are known globally. Working with these companies can mean workweeks of up to 80 hours a week, according to This, of course, comes with financial benefits. For example, graduates starting in a position straight after university can earn upwards of $60,000 annually.

An analyst’s job revolves around research into new investment opportunities for clients, and providing information to them about funding and investment. In 2022, Goldman Sachs was involved in deals worth over a billion dollars and analysts would inevitably have played a big part in these deals. 


According to Glassdoor, insurance analysts evaluate the risks associated with policies for both the company and policyholders. Analysts in the insurance industry earn less than their counterparts in investment banking but generally work shorter hours.

A large part of the job involves looking at legislation in the respective country to ensure policy falls within regulation. They also conduct statistical and actuarial analysis to look at the overall health and age profile of the population to understand how this could affect the company. Insurance analysts don’t deal with the same pressures as those in the investment banking industry, however, their analysis carries a lot of weight when it comes to company decision-making.

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As a small sub-section of the workforce, analysts can demand high starting salaries and have good opportunities for progression.

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