London Businessman and Son Missing in Titanic Dive Expedition: Frantic Search Underway

London Businessman and Son Missing in Titanic Dive Expedition: Frantic Search Underway

…By Henry George for TDPel Media.

A London businessman, Shahzada Dawood, and his son, Suleman, have embarked on a daring adventure to explore the wreckage of the Titanic.


They are part of a team led by British billionaire explorer Hamish Harding, along with two other individuals, on a small vessel that set off on Sunday to reach the famous wreck at a depth of 12,500 feet in the Atlantic Ocean.

Unfortunately, contact with the submersible was lost, triggering a frantic rescue mission.

The US Coastguard estimates that the vessel has a limited oxygen supply, leaving rescuers until midday on Thursday to locate it and ensure the safety of the passengers.

Race Against Time to Find Missing Submersible

Rescuers have been working tirelessly to locate the missing submersible and its passengers.

The last communication between the vessel and its mother ship was heard on Monday afternoon before contact was lost.

The desperate search effort includes the use of sonar technology and extensive aerial reconnaissance over a vast expanse of ocean.


The US Coastguard has expanded the search into deeper waters, working in collaboration with various partners to maximize their capabilities both on the surface and underwater.

Dawood Family’s Plea for Safe Return

Amidst the ongoing search, the Dawood family has released a statement expressing their hopes for a safe resolution.

Shahzada Dawood and his son, Suleman, embarked on this journey to explore the remnants of the Titanic.

However, contact has been lost with their submersible, and there is limited information available.

The family is appreciative of the concern shown by friends and colleagues and requests everyone’s prayers for the safe return of their loved ones.

They also ask for privacy during this difficult time.

Profile of Shahzada Dawood

Shahzada Dawood, residing in Surbiton, southwest London, with his wife Christina, son Suleman, and daughter Alina, comes from a prominent and affluent business family in Pakistan.

He moved to the UK to pursue a law degree at the University of Buckingham and later obtained a master’s degree in textile marketing from the University of Philadelphia.


Dawood’s father, Hussain, holds important positions in various corporations, including Dawood Hercules Corporation and Engro Corporation.

Shahzada Dawood is actively involved in charitable endeavors, serving as a board member of the Prince’s Trust and the British Asian Trust.

Concerns for the Missing Adventurers

As the Dawood family holds onto hope for the safe return of Shahzada Dawood and Suleman, friends of British billionaire Hamish Harding express their anxieties for those aboard the missing submersible.

Jannicke Mikkelsen, a Norwegian explorer, fears that they are trapped without any means of obtaining help.

Patrick Woodhead, the founder of White Desert Antarctica, praises Hamish Harding as an exceptional explorer and expresses his prayers for the survival of all passengers.

The location of the Titanic wreck, situated about 370 miles off Newfoundland, poses significant challenges for the search and rescue operation due to its remote and inaccessible nature.

Challenges Faced in the Rescue Operation

Rescue teams face multiple obstacles in their efforts to locate and save the passengers of the submersible.

The vessel’s remote location in the deep ocean makes finding it a daunting task.


The US Coastguard has deployed aircraft and underwater sonar-equipped vessels for the search, utilizing sonar buoys to aid detection.

Even if the submersible is located in time, the rescue operation remains challenging.

Stranded passengers must maintain composure to conserve oxygen levels, as panic or excessive movement could deplete their limited air supply.

Additionally, if the submersible is trapped or entangled, the rescue becomes more difficult.

Details of the Submersible and its Mission

The submersible, named Titan, is a robust vessel weighing 23,000 lbs (10,432 kg) and measuring 6.7m (22ft) in length.

It is capable of accommodating five people for up to 96 hours.

Constructed using titanium and filament-wound carbon fiber, the submersible has been designed to withstand the extreme pressures of the deep ocean.

The mission aimed to offer adventurous individuals the opportunity to explore the Titanic wreckage by paying $250,000 (£195,000) per person.


Despite the challenges faced, rescuers remain committed to locating the missing submersible and ensuring the safe return of Shahzada Dawood, Suleman Dawood, and the other passengers involved in this high-stakes adventure.

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