“Monty Python’s Eric Idle Reveals Financial Struggles: ‘Still Working at 80’ Despite £2,000 BBC Earnings per Series”

“Monty Python’s Eric Idle Reveals Financial Struggles: ‘Still Working at 80’ Despite £2,000 BBC Earnings per Series”


Decades after their groundbreaking comedy, Monty Python’s stars find themselves grappling with financial difficulties.

Eric Idle, one of the original six, recently disclosed his ongoing need to “work for a living” despite the fame of their iconic show.

The Financial Reality:

Idle’s revelation sheds light on the stark financial landscape faced by the Monty Python cast.

Despite their comedic genius, the group’s earnings, particularly from the BBC, fell short of expectations.

Idle’s candid admission of earning a mere £2,000 per series exposes the disparity between their cultural impact and financial stability.

Selling Hollywood Dreams:

The financial strain is evident as Idle reveals the necessity of selling his Hollywood Hills home to navigate through tough times.

Despite the allure of Tinseltown, the harsh reality of financial insecurity permeates the lives of even revered comedic figures like Idle.

Divorce and Legal Battles:

The financial woes extend beyond Idle, with John Cleese facing substantial losses from divorce settlements totaling £25 million.

Legal battles over royalties for their spin-off show Spamalot further compounded their financial challenges, highlighting the precarious nature of show business earnings.

Cleese’s Alimony Tour:

Cleese’s comedic approach to his financial burdens is evident in his “Alimony tour,” where he humorously addresses the hefty settlements paid to his former wives.

Despite the financial setbacks, Cleese’s resilience and humor remain intact, resonating with audiences worldwide.

Reflections on Wealth and Mismanagement:

Idle’s candid tweets offer insight into the mismanagement of Monty Python’s funds, hinting at internal struggles and financial missteps.

His blunt assessment of the situation points fingers at co-stars and management decisions, reflecting on the complexities of navigating fame and fortune.

Family Support and Validation:

Amidst financial turmoil, Idle finds solace in the support of his family, with his daughter Lily expressing pride in her father’s courage to speak out.

Their unwavering support underscores the importance of familial bonds in weathering life’s challenges, even in the face of financial adversity.


The financial struggles of Monty Python’s stars serve as a sobering reminder of the unpredictability of fame and fortune in the entertainment industry.

Despite their comedic legacy, Idle’s revelation prompts reflection on the harsh realities behind the laughter, resonating with fans and fellow entertainers alike.