In the wake of the ITV affair scandal investigation, Phillip Schofield is getting ready to relaunch his career with a “tell-all memoir” about his previous job and co-star Holly Willoughby.

Phillip Schofield is reportedly gearing up to relaunch his career by publishing a comprehensive memoir that delves into his past involvement with former This Morning co-host Holly Willoughby and his relationship with ITV. The 61-year-old presenter is also in discussions with senior executives from TalkTV about a potential role on the channel, in collaboration with Vanessa Feltz, as evidenced by their recent dinner outing. This move comes as ITV faced turmoil earlier in the year due to Schofield’s acknowledgment of an “unwise but not illegal” affair with a significantly younger colleague, which led to his stepping down from his role at ITV.

During this period of controversy, This Morning received substantial criticism, prompting ITV staff to be questioned regarding their awareness of the affair. Consequently, the broadcaster announced the appointment of Jane Mulcahy KC to conduct an external review aimed at uncovering the facts. The forthcoming memoir by Phillip Schofield is expected to present his side of the events, as multiple book publishers have approached him.

The intention behind this memoir is to offer a comprehensive account of the occurrences, potentially providing closure to the situation. Family support is crucial to Schofield’s decision, and conversations about proceeding with the memoir are pending until he has discussed the matter with his family.

Earlier this month, Phillip Schofield was seen in public for the first time in a while, sharing an evening with Vanessa Feltz. This led to speculations about a potential collaboration with TalkTV. Sources close to Schofield have suggested that his friends are encouraging him to consider a fulfilling life beyond show business.

Despite recent challenges, experts believe that Schofield could return to his profession, particularly through a platform like TalkTV. Jane Mulcahy KC has been engaged to conduct the external review, with her findings expected to be disclosed in September. As part of this process, Holly Willoughby and other individuals associated with This Morning have cooperated with the review. The ongoing inquiry has also involved senior ITV executives.

In a recent statement, the managing director of ITV emphasized their commitment to taking duty of care seriously and adapting processes as needed. Amid the spotlight on ITV’s handling of the situation, questions about their knowledge of the affair and their internal investigations have been raised.

In conclusion, Phillip Schofield’s potential memoir and his discussions with TalkTV indicate a potential comeback to the media world after a period of controversy. This move aligns with his desire to provide his perspective on the incidents that transpired. As the review led by Jane Mulcahy KC progresses, more clarity might emerge on the situation.