The Home as a Mirror: Exploring the Depths of Interior Design

The Home as a Mirror: Exploring the Depths of Interior Design

Exploring Home as a Mirror of Self

When asked to write about interior design, something I’ve never given much thought to, I took a closer look at my home.

As I walked through its familiar rooms, I realized that it is not just a space; it’s a reflection of my loves and conflicts, a physical manifestation of myself.

Home is a mirror, and mine is beautiful yet overwhelming, much like the complexities within me.

Six years ago, my husband and I moved to a 300-year-old farmhouse in West Cornwall, drawn to its old-world charm.

Back then, we were design novices, clueless about how to furnish a home.

In our ignorance, we painted the farmhouse in bright Teletubbies colors and filled it with a hodgepodge of furniture.

It was like a blindfolded woman dressing in the dark.

We displayed every book we ever owned, as if showcasing our intelligence to dust mites.

Our house became chaotic, and I felt overwhelmed by the clutter.

Cleaning seemed insurmountable, and I had formed personal relationships with the spiders.

To avoid cleaning, I named one Charlotte.

My coping mechanism was to shout at my husband and buy blue tables, lots of them, in varying sizes.

My living room resembled a blue table convention.

A Journey of Self-Discovery Through Design

Realizing that our home was spiraling into chaos, I sought help from a friend experienced in design.

She had successfully renovated several properties and transformed them into serene, well-furnished spaces.

Her expertise began to guide me in the right direction.

She recommended painting our brick fireplace gray, which turned out to be the nicest part of our house.

My friend emphasized the importance of decluttering and carefully selecting furniture that fits the space.

What’s the room’s purpose? Do you really want this piece? Is there a functioning lamp? As I began clearing out the excess, I discovered hidden gems within my home.

Items that had been buried beneath clutter, like an Edwardian lamp and wooden paneling, started to shine.

During a visit to the Newt in Somerset, a boutique hotel with a design aesthetic I admired, I learned the value of well-thought-out design.

It brought ease and comfort to the spaces.

I left inspired, vowing to paint my house green like the hotel and never again buy furniture without proper research.

I realized that our relationship with our home is a dialogue.

We can choose to listen to it or ignore it.

By understanding the language of design, we can create spaces that reflect our desires and values.

It’s a language I had never bothered to learn until now.

What do you love? What do you want? What can you lose? It’s a journey of self-discovery through design.

As we explore this interiors issue, remember that your home is a canvas to express yourself, and through design, you can choose, create, and transform.

Enjoy your home!!!

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