The Extraterrestrial Enigma: Unraveling Mexico’s Mummified Figures through DNA Exploration

DNA Analysis Unveils Enigma of Mexico’s Mummified ‘Aliens’

Intriguing Revelations: Non-Human DNA Uncovered

The mysterious case of Mexico’s ‘aliens’ takes a bewildering turn as a recent DNA analysis suggests that the tiny mummified corpses may belong to an ‘unknown species’ rather than being of human origin.

Journalist Jaime Maussan, a controversial UFO enthusiast, has been at the forefront of presenting these findings in the nation’s Congress, claiming that the bodies, discovered in Peru, exhibit extraterrestrial characteristics.

Controversial Presentation to Congress: Unveiling DNA Results

Jaime Maussan, accompanied by a team of researchers, conducted a DNA analysis on the mummified figures, revealing that 30 percent of the DNA is ‘not from any known species.’

While the remaining 70 percent is yet to be disclosed, Maussan asserts the authenticity of the bodies, emphasizing their non-human nature.

The suggestion arises that these beings could be descendants of intelligent life forms that coexisted with humans.

Unique Features and Elements: Cadmium and Osmium Implants

Describing the two corpses, Maussan notes their sturdy bones, toothless condition, and implants made of rare elements on Earth—cadmium and osmium.

These elements, he claims, further distinguish the bodies from conventional human remains.

The DNA results, combined with carbon dating conducted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), suggest an age exceeding 1,000 years.

Revisiting History: Intelligent Beings Among Us?

Maussan challenges conventional historical narratives, proposing that the bodies were not found after a UFO wreckage but were located in diatom mines and later fossilized.

The possibility that these beings lived alongside humans prompts a call to rewrite history.

Despite uncertainties about their extraterrestrial origin, Maussan emphasizes the importance of acknowledging non-human entities and technologies.

Hybrid DNA and Evolved Beings: Medical Expert Testimonies

A team of doctors, presented by Maussan, examines the mummified corpses named Clara and Mauricio.

While they confirm the bodies are real and once-living organisms, the experts highlight the hybrid nature of their DNA, suggesting a connection to human ancestry.

Despite claims of being ‘more evolved than us,’ the experts do not explicitly label the bodies as ‘extraterrestrial.’

Divergent Views: Skepticism and Ritualistic Origins

Ufologist Will Galison offers a contrasting perspective, proposing that the ‘corpses’ are, in fact, ancient dummies made from animal remains, possibly alpaca skulls, created for ritualistic purposes around a thousand years ago.

The debate surrounding the true nature and origins of these enigmatic figures continues to captivate both skeptics and believers.

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