The Duchess of Sussex Faces Disappointments as A-Listers Turn Down Invitations

The Duchess of Sussex Faces Disappointments as A-Listers Turn Down Invitations

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Meghan Markle’s Invitation Rejected: A-list Celebrities Decline Podcast and Birthday Party Offers


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, reached out to various A-list celebrities, extending invitations to participate in her Archetypes podcast and celebrate her son Archie’s fourth birthday.

However, her offers were met with rejection, highlighting the challenges faced by even high-profile individuals when it comes to collaboration and social events.

Meghan Markle personally wrote a letter to an A-list celebrity, urging them to join her as a guest on the Archetypes podcast.


Unfortunately, the Duchess of Sussex’s proposal was turned down, indicating a missed opportunity for collaboration.

Reports suggest that Meghan Markle sent personal letters to renowned figures such as Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Serena Williams, and Paris Hilton, inviting them to be part of her podcast.

While Carey, Williams, and Hilton accepted the invitation and appeared on one of the episodes of the 12-part podcast, Taylor Swift declined the opportunity.

Additionally, Swift did not collaborate with the Duchess on her Spotify project, as reported by the Independent.

Taylor Swift’s refusal to participate in both the Archetypes podcast and the Spotify project underscores her decision to not align herself with Meghan Markle’s initiatives.


The rejection highlights the complexities and differing priorities that individuals in the entertainment industry face when considering collaboration opportunities.

Notably, Meghan Markle has faced multiple declines from pop stars in recent times. In a separate instance, an A-list celebrity declined an invitation to attend Prince Archie’s fourth birthday party in May.

The Duchess of Sussex had extended invitations to several high-profile individuals for her son’s celebration, according to an LA-based author.

Prince Harry, also known as the Duke of Sussex, hurriedly returned from King Charles’s Coronation to ensure his presence at Archie’s birthday celebration in Montecito.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry, a renowned singer, participated in the historic ceremony at Westminster Abbey on May 6 and performed at the Coronation concert at Windsor Castle on May 7.


The refusal of an A-list celebrity to attend Prince Archie’s birthday party indicates that even prominent individuals may opt out of social events for various reasons.

The contrast between Prince Harry’s presence at the celebration and Katy Perry’s attendance at the Coronation activities highlights the complex schedules and commitments that celebrities manage.

Lisa Gaché, an author based in Los Angeles, shared insights with the Telegraph, emphasizing the significance of celebrities in Montecito, where they are revered like royalty.

She mentioned prominent figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Serena Williams (who was pregnant with her second child), and Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom (whose daughter Daisy is slightly younger than Archie).

Gaché speculated that if a celebrity has a child around the same age as Archie, it is reasonable to assume they would be invited to such events.



The commentary from Lisa Gaché sheds light on the social dynamics and expectations within the affluent Montecito community.

The emphasis on celebrity status and shared experiences, particularly in terms of children’s ages, illustrates the criteria for extending invitations to exclusive gatherings and reinforces the notion of an interconnected social circle.

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