Critics Slam Duke and Duchess of Sussex for Launching Amid Accusations of Commercial Use

Critics Slam Duke and Duchess of Sussex for Launching Amid Accusations of Commercial Use

Criticism Over New Website

A source close to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has responded to criticism following the unveiling of their new website,

Critics accuse the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of potentially exploiting their royal title and crest for commercial purposes, raising concerns about the website’s focus on their personal and professional endeavors.

Defending the Use of Royal Titles

In defense of the couple, a source emphasized that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are, indeed, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, stating that it is a factual representation of their surname and family name.

The controversy arises from the absence of the phrase “serving the monarchy,” previously featured on their website launched in 2020.

Concerns and Predictions of Trouble

Some insiders warn that the use of the “Sussex” title may lead to complications and potential complaints from the Palace.

The source suggests that any hint of commercialism associated with the royal title could prompt intervention, describing the move as “gauche” and expressing surprise at the couple’s seemingly overlooked sensitivity.

Overview of Websites:,, and Others

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle currently manage multiple websites, including,, Archewell Productions, and Archewell Foundation.

The recent rebranding replaces the former, which now redirects to

Features and Content of serves as a comprehensive platform, offering biographies of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, detailing their recent activities, and providing news updates.

The website, operated by “The Office of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex,” acts as a centralized hub for their various ventures, including the Archewell Foundation and Archewell Productions.

Upcoming Events and Speculation

The launch precedes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s trip to Canada for the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025’s One Year to Go celebrations.

Speculations arise about the couple’s potential collaboration with new production companies, considering the conclusion of their £18 million Spotify deal and uncertainties surrounding their £80 million Netflix contract.

Insights into Personal Memories: Prince Harry’s Speech in Canada

During the Invictus Games event, Prince Harry is expected to share fond memories of his time with Meghan on Vancouver Island after stepping back from official royal duties in 2019.

The couple cherished their private moments in Canada, away from media scrutiny and the pressures of royal life.

Website Details and Purpose adopts a minimalist design, featuring a prominent image of the couple on the homepage.

The website offers links to Archewell Foundation, Archewell Productions, and the controversial launched in 2020.

The platform aims to serve as an information hub for personal and official updates through its “News” section.

Mission and Values: Show Up, Do Good

The couple’s mission, as stated on the “About” page, revolves around business and philanthropy, encapsulating initiatives supported by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle individually and collectively.

The website features detailed biographies, emphasizing their commitment to charitable work under the guiding principle of “Show Up, Do Good.”

Recent Royal Engagements and Personal Initiatives

Amid the online rebranding, Prince Harry flew to London for a formal meeting with his father, marking their first face-to-face interaction in 15 months.

Meghan Markle, on the other hand, participated in The Welcome Project, an initiative by the Archewell Foundation, where resettled Afghan women in the US cooked traditional Afghan food.

In light of these recent developments, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex find themselves navigating both scrutiny and support as they continue to shape their post-royal path through philanthropy, business ventures, and public engagements.

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